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FableWood Father Elephant

FableWood Father Elephant


Gigantic. Calm. Powerful. Father Elephant is a big and strong guy. He has excellent leader skills, a powerful appearance and a calming nature, which makes him very respected by the other elephants.

FableWood is a Danish design brand for all ages that is primarily made for interior design. Due to the design’s robustness and composition of magnets, it is also design you can play with - the experience is greater when you feel it through your senses. Have fun by create your own version of an animal by combining different pieces from other animals in the collection!


Dimensions: H16 x L17 cm
Material: Walnut and Ash

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Kristian Sidelmann


FableWood Father Elephant
FableWood Father Elephant
FableWood Father Elephant
FableWood Father Elephant
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