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  1. Sitting Pretty - A Sense of Colour

    Sitting Pretty - A Sense of Colour

    Iconic Arne Jacobsen design has been reimagined and carefully curated in collaboration with Carla Sozzani. Each colour has been developed to not only to complement the natural materials of the designs, but to also complement each other. Fritz Hansen have always had the belief that nothing beats truly great design. Design that, beyond function and form, serves a bigger purpose by colouring your home and everyday life.

  2. Don’t scrimp on the finishing touches

    Don’t scrimp on the finishing touches

    Planning for a renovation or decorating project can involve a lot of daunting numbers. Contractors, materials and cabinetry, appliances and fixtures all require wise choices when it comes creating and managing your budget. Often times we find that homeowners are great at budgeting for the build phase of the project, but then forget to plan for the final part, the finishing touches!

  3. For the Day We Can All Get Together and Celebrate - Part 2

    For the Day We Can All Get Together and Celebrate - Part 2

    Having spent the last few weeks adjusting to our new ‘norm’ now lockdown has lifted, it’s important not to lose those moments we’ve enjoyed with our families during this difficult period.  Spending time together with your significant other and/or your children has been a great by product of the lockdown.

  4. For the Day We Can All Get Together and Celebrate

    For the Day We Can All Get Together and Celebrate

    As we all prepare to ease out of the lockdown and into a ‘new norm’ it’s great to lift your spirits and plan for that time when all the family can come together once again.  It’s been such a long time since this has happened for most of us, which makes the first time we all do, that bit more special.

  5. Staycation Part 2 - Home Mini Bar

    Staycation Part 2 - Home Mini Bar

    Let’s face it, right now we aren’t going anywhere! We’ve pretty much accepted our summer holidays and any other travel plans, birthdays, weddings, family gatherings are off the table right now. Our Country has come together like never before and the true meaning of staying home and saving lives has never been more poignant.

  6. Time To Reflect - Gubi Mirrors

    Time To Reflect - Gubi Mirrors

    Gio Ponti (1891-1979) was one of Europe's most influential architects and designers of the 20th century.  Ponti viewed architecture as more than simply creating buildings, he also designed the interior and conceived the furniture, lighting and appliances.  Heavily influenced by the Italian concept of ‘la dolce vita’ (the sweet life).  He provided a new perspective on traditional Italian design, blending luxury style with functionality.

  7. Funktion Alley Staycation – Our top tips to turn your outdoor space into an oasis

    Funktion Alley Staycation – Our top tips to turn your outdoor space into an oasis

    With such an uncertain year ahead, it more important now than ever to make our living space as great and useable as we possibly can! There’s no reason our living space should end in the house, this can be extended to our outside space no matter how limited that space may be. I think it’s fair to say that the good old English spirit is alive in us all right now and to do our bit to help save lives, stay home; have a staycation! Staying at home does not have to be a negative thing. We have put together some inspiration so that you can do to make your space a wonderful oasis of calm and beauty that you can enjoy all throughout the year.

  8. New Launches from Northern

    New Launches from Northern

    Northern (formally Northern Lighting) collection available from Funktion Alley specialises in mood lighting and natural inspired designs. Funktion Alley have been proud to offer products from Northern for a number of years now and every time they release new products, we do get rather excited!

  9. Welcome Buster + Punch

    Welcome Buster + Punch

    At Funktion Alley we are always excited to partner with new brands. Buster + Punch are the newest edition to the Funktion Alley family, and we are proud to be an official retail partner. You can find their products on Funktion Alley’s website and view and purchase their range of Lighting and Hardware in our Yorkshire showroom.

  10. Harmony - By Lind DNA

    Harmony - By Lind DNA

    In a time of constant change, we switch between social media and fast news, or otherwise exclude it completely. We seek harmony between being ”on and off”. Emotional wellbeing is important. We find harmonious well-being in nature and we bring nature into our homes and into our table settings. Caring for harmony among our closest ones is being present - together.

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