Home renovations are a great way to breathe new life and energy into your home.  They are also a great way to spend a small fortune!  Making a few small changes, however, can have a big impact.  You don’t have to re do your entire bathroom to give it a facelift!  We have 4 small, very effective solutions to turn your old bathroom into a brand new one!


Bathroom lighting is important.  Not enough and you may end up looking like a clown when you apply your make up on a morning!  Too much and your room is no longer a relaxing sanctuary of calm.  That’s why the Northern Over Me Light is the perfect choice in your bathroom.  It can be mounted to the celling or wall, giving you the required lighting to best suit your space.  The Northern Over Me Light, would make a perfect addition in a contemporary bathroom setting.  The Northern Over Me Light comes in 3 colours and two sizes, so no matter your colour scheme or size of space, it will be the perfect match.  Due to its IP44 rating, the Northern Over Me Light is also safe to use in bathrooms.  Win!

 Bathroom Lighting Northern Above Light


I know this sounds a rather strange thing to consider for a bathroom, but it really can work!  A great place to put your clean clothes while you’re getting ready, a handy place to sit when you get out of the bath.  The Stua Globus Polypropylene Chair is an accessory that is not only stylish to look at but functional too.   Sometimes colour is a scary thing also, there’s nothing worse than finishing off that last bit of painting and realising you don’t like it!  That’s why, choosing a splash of colour with accessorise just works!  The Stua Globus Polypropylene Chair comes in 10 different colours, whatever your thing, you’ll find it with the Stua Globus Polypropylene Chair!  

 Bathroom Seating Globus Chair


The bathroom is normally the smallest room in the house.  So, with space being an issue, good storage is important.  Somewhere to hang your dressing gown and towels would be the first place to start.  Skagerak Cutter Rack Coat Hooks are the way to go!  Made from solid hardwood and stainless steel, the Skagerak Cutter Rack Coat Hooks come in three finishes,  Black lacquered and natural Oak or Teak.  

Skagerak Cutter Coat Hook


The Woud Töjbox Wardrobe would be our suggestion for an easy, stylish solution to storage.  Perhaps you don’t have the wall space for the Skagerak Cutter Rack Coat Hooks, you still need somewhere to store you towel though!  The Woud Töjbox Wardrobe is large enough to accommodate plenty of guest towels and still allows for personal touches too.  Adding a candle or some pretty glass storage bottles to the Woud Töjbox Wardrobe would be a great way to add small elements of style, without having to empty your savings!

 Woud Torjbox

Moving away from conventional shelving the String Shelving Bathroom System allows you to not only store all your bathroom essentials but display them too.  The String Shelving Bathroom System would make the perfect tool to show case all your fancy bathroom bits and bobs!  The String Shelving Bathroom System, is also the perfect way to hide all your clutter too!  It comes with a handy set of orginsers and a sliding mirror.  Whatever colour you have deceided to go with, the String Shelving Bathroom System will make the perfect addition, it comes in white or grey which is going to compliment any bathroom style.  Choosing something like the String Shelving Bathroom System for your bathroom means you get to make your style unique!

String Bathroom cabinet


Again, a great way to add colour and change up your bathroom would be to choose a small mat.  Pappelina Mats are perfect floor protectors and have great durability being water and dirt resistant.  With a range of different colours to choose from the Pappelina Mat would be a great addition to consider when making small changes in your bathroom.  All Pappelina Mats are made from plastic which is Phthalate free and approved by REACH, it is also UV resistant.  Choosing one of the Pappelina mats is a very simple and inexpensive way to compliment your bathroom style. 

Pappelina MatSo, there you have it!  4 very simple, inexpensive ways to add style to your bathroom without breaking the bank!