Twinkling lights, presents under the tree, a candle flickering on the mantle place, yes Christmas is just around the corner.  This time of year, we’re all running around trying to get ready for the big day, so we thought we’d give you a little helping hand.  Whether you are looking for a gift or a great way to decorate your table this festive season.  Here are a few ways a Christmas candle can save the day and bring a little bit of sparkle into your house this holiday!  We love the Kahler Nobili Tea Light Holder, it can be used in a variety of ways;

Present - That Tricky Aunt

We all have one tricky customer at Christmas time.  The one person we struggle to buy for each year.  We wrack our brains and end up running out at the last minute to grab anything because we left it too long!  Look no further, we have the perfect gift idea if you are wanting something just a little bit special, the Kahler Nobili Tea Light Holder.  Handmade from shiny glazed porcelain in the shape of the Nobili Christmas tree, this beautiful candle holder will impress even the most difficult customer!

Kahler Noblli Candle Holder

The Perfect Dinner Table 

We spend hours cooking at Christmas.  Food is one of the most important elements to bringing the family together.  The last thing you want to worry about when you’ve already had a lumpy gravy situation is the table decorations!  Simple, elegant and most of all easy to achieve.  With a choice of size and colour, the Kahler Nobili Tea Light Holder will fit with any theme.  There’s one more task ticked off the list…

Kahler Noblli Candle Holder 

Winter Wonderland

Fill your entire home with the wonderful scent of Christmas!  Nothing says Christmas more, than cinnamon, mulled wine, spiced apple.  Having an array of tea lights burning gives your home a welcoming atmosphere when guests arrive.  Dot them around the house using the Kahler Nobili Tea Light Holder and every room will come to life.  Not only will your house smell great, but there is something truly magical about flickering candles at Christmas time.  It turns a regular room into something special and a place where you and your family will want to spend the holidays.

 Merry Christmas everyone!

 Kahler Nobili Tea Light Holder from £24.00