Muuto Crushed Bowl
The crushed bowl is an example of what happens when you apply large scale modelling to a small object.  3D modelling programmes used by architects create fluid meshes however if you zoom in really close and just take a small part those meshes are made of equilateral triangles.   Designed by Copenhagen based Julien de Smedt an internationally acclaimed architect who is recognized for his ability to always take a fresh look at things.  At only 29 years old he won the Golden Lion for world's best concert hall at the Venice Biennale.

Muuto crushed bowl by JDS Architects

Spring Glasses
The designer of the Spring glasses said ‘the greatest importance of a glass is the space within it’ If you were to ask him to comment on his most famous project he may well say the same thing.  Spring was designed by Jørn Oberg Utzon(1918–2008) who is arguably the Denmark’s greatest architect.  The most famous of his buildings; the Sydney Opera House was declared a World Heritage site IN 2007, the youngest cultural site ever to receive such an accolade.

Spring Glasses by Jorn Utzon

Klöver Wallpaper
Arne Jacobsen was such a prolific designer of furniture and lighting its easy to forget that first and foremost he was a an architect.  Amongst the various prestigious projects was the Royal Danish Embassy in London and St Catherine's College, Oxford.  During the war and Jacobsen’s early career he designed fabric for NK’ textile department many of which have now been turned into Wallpaper.  Following in his footsteps renowned Swedish Architects Claesson Koivisto Rune have just launched their collection of wallpaper under the brand name Engblad & Co

Klöver Wallpaper by Arne Jacobsen