Whether you want to improve the lighting for a specific room or plan a whole house makeover, keep these tips in mind…

First Impressions 

Creating a welcoming atmosphere when guests first enter your home can be easily achieved.  Picking a statement piece, like a chandelier or contemporary pendant is the way to go.  A large pendant will not only light a hallway or entrance way perfectly, it will also give entering guests a little taste of your style and what else your home has to offer, in the way of decor.  In other words, show off!  If you are going to show off, do it right, we LOVE this…

 Lightyears Pallas Pendant Light

Accent Lighting

A Living room with nothing more than overall lighting can feel very artificial and empty due to the harshness of the lights.  Lamps can improve this greatly by introducing soft, ambient lighting. This type of lighting works by accenting certain zones of the room. A lamp on a table by a couch can make the area around the couch feel cosier and inviting.  If placed correctly it will emphasise a space perfectly, like a quiet reading corner, for example.

 Lightyears Night Owl Table Light

Similarly, a floor lamp, will too, do the trick and highlight a certain area in the room.  We’re thinking a comfy chair, feet up, a glass of wine…you with us??!

Lightyears Radon Floor Lamp

Task Lighting 

With today’s demands, a lot of us are now finding we are having to work from home.  Finding a quiet area in which to do this is vital.  Equally as vital, is making sure you have the right lighting for the job.  The last thing you want to do is strain your eyes trying to see your screen because you don’t have enough light or get a headache because the light is far too bright and harsh to work under.  A desk lamp works perfectly in this case.

Lightyears AQ01 Table Light

Dining Spotlight 

Illuminating a focal point in a room is a useful tool.  When it comes to the dining room, the obvious point would be the dining table.  It creates a wonderful atmosphere for your guests while they dine.  It’s not as harsh as a main light but give enough illumination for your guests to see what they’re eating!  Choosing something not only functional but stylish too, will enhance everyone’s dining experience.

Lightyears Suspence Copper Pendant Light

Wall Mount – Many Uses!

A wall mounted light can be used in a variety of ways, that can be very useful around the home.  For example, in a bathroom.  This is a place where good lighting is a must!  Applying makeup, your morning shave; these simple tasks could go very wrong if you don’t have sufficient light!  Maybe you don’t have room for a bedside table in your bedroom.  Do you really want to have to get out of bed to switch the light off?  Or fall over everything, if you need to get up in the night?  Another really great use for a wall mounted light is to highlight something on the wall.  You might have a piece of art that you want to really show off and enhance, a wall light would be perfect for this.

Lightyears Caravaggio Read Wall Light