Easter does seem to creep up on us, then pass us by just as quickly.  It’s a real shame as Easter can be so much fun for the kids and it does bring a bit of life and colour into your home.  From decorating eggs, to rolling them, to eating them!  No one can say that they don’t enjoy that!  Then getting the whole family together for Easter Sunday lunch.  I know, I know, the thought of cooking a big Sunday lunch can make you want to rush out and make reservations at your local restaurant.  Hold on!  The upside to doing this at home, you ask??  Why the wonderful products to enhance such an event of course!  

Check out our suggestions to make this Easter, great.  When Easter is all over with, well, you are left with some amazing accessories that you can use again and again, for any event…

Round or Square – Don’t Care!

First of all, if you intend on hosting a family Easter lunch, then you’ll need a family size dining table and chairs!  Here are our suggestions;

The Skagerak Georg Dining Table

Skagerak Georg Dining Table

Centre Stage 

It’s one thing to have a beautiful table, you now need to dress it for the occasion.  A centrepiece is a must for any celebration, Easter is no exception.  We say, embrace the egg!  It can be a really great activity to involve the kids (and keep them quiet for a few hours too ;))

Paint or dye some hard-boiled eggs, then put them in a glass bowl or vase.  It really is that simple, but so effective!  You could even slip a couple of chocolate ones in for good measure.  Here is some great glassware that would work perfectly…

The Sagaform Oval Oak Bowl

Sagaform Oval Oak Glassware

Part of the Oval Oak collection at Sagaform, this piece has been mouth blown, designed with function and aesthetics.  It can be used not just as a centerpiece but for serving green salads too.  What’s not to love?

If you aren’t the decorating egg type, don’t worry, we have you covered!  Keep it simple.  Designed by the Sagaform in house design team and Moritz, this simple oak candle holder with glass cover, will do the trick.

Food, fun and family, that’s what a get together is all about.  Don’t let this Easter pass you by without marking the occasion.  We hope this has given you some Easter inspiration, with products that can be enjoyed not just at Easter, but anytime of the year.  We’re pretty sure these products will last much longer that those chocolate eggs!  Happy Easter everyone.