With a corker of a bank holiday under our belts already, let’s hope this is the start of what’s to come this summer!  Us Brits really do make the most of the good weather, when we get it!  Maybe that’s why we keep our fingers crossed each year that we will get some sunshine for longer than just a weekend.  We like to live in hope that this will be the year!  BBQ’s, garden parties, whatever your thing may be, here’s our optimistic, hopeful guide to a stylish scorcher of a summer!

BBQ Time

Ok, first things first.  The most important item for any respectable English garden, the BBQ!  Gone are the days where you nip down to your local shop and grab a disposable, use once grill.  Come on guys!  Let’s be optimistic!  I know you might not want to jinks things by buying a proper BBQ, but I have a feeling that this year is going to be a hot one.  So out with the old and in with the new stylish, gas BBQ.  Functional and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any garden, the Eva Solo Gas Grill.

Eva Solo BBQ Gas Grill

Take a seat

After you’ve finished all that cooking, you’re going to need somewhere to sit and eat.  I know we sometimes lean towards something more practical and inexpensive over style.  We think, well with the weather we get, are we going to get the use out of it?  The answer is, yes!  The Selandia range of solid teak outdoor furniture is stylish, yet incredibly practical.  It folds away easily when not in use and can be stored, brought out, and used summer after summer.  These table and chairs are not going to go out of style, so can be used and enjoyed again and again, even if we do get a down pour or two!

Skagerak Selandia Chair and Table

Pass the Pimms!

No garden party would be complete without a glass of something fizzy!  Whatever your tipple, enjoy it in style!  The Sagaform Club Highball Glasses are a great place to start.  Heavy duty enough to withstand outdoor use but pretty enough to take centre stage on your table.

Sagaform Gin and High ball glasses

If you’re looking for something a bit more elegant, that isn’t just limited for outdoor occasions, the Sagaform Club Gin Glasses, will do the trick nicely!  Let’s face it, we know they’re going to get some use!

The View’s So Pretty 

Now we have the food and seating down, lets talk plants.  If we are in for a lovely summer, it means we are going to spend much more time in the garden.  We want it to look its best, don’t we?  Especially, if we intend on holding multiple BBQ’s this summer.  Nothing is more appealing than a brightly coloured, healthy looking garden.  How do I achieve this, I hear you say?  Flowers of course!  A planter would be the best way to go.  Even if you don’t have green fingers, you simple can’t go wrong!  The SMD Design Prunella Planter can be used in the most modest of spaces or buy a couple and dot them around a larger space.  Don’t worry, we know summer is sometimes limited in England!  The planter can also be used indoors too, so you can bring a little bit of nature, inside your home when the weather turns!

SMD Prunella Planter

A Summers Night

We all know that even the hottest of days in England, the evening will always bring a chill.  Why must you cut the party short or have to empty your wardrobe of jumpers to keep your guests warm!  Not when you can enjoy the warming atmosphere the Skagerak Helios Fire Bowl and Grill brings!  Small enough to fit in any space, your family and friends can toast their hands until the wee hours.

Skagerak Helios Fire Bowl and Grill

You will also receive a stainless-steel grill which will turn your fire bowl into a BBQ, perfect for impromptu meals and small get togethers.

Lazy Days!

All that hard work cooking, serving and then styling your garden, we think you’ve earned a rest!  There is nothing better when the sun is shining to lay back, relax and catch some rays.  Now you can, the Cuero Design Outdoor Butterfly Chair (Sunshine Mariposa) is available with a black or steel base and is light weight and rain and UV resistant.  So, there’s no excuse not to treat yourself this summer.  If you close your eyes, you can almost hear the sea! 

Cuero Design Outdoor Butterfly Chair - Sunshine Mariposa 

We hope the sun shines wherever you are this summer!