Elegant Illumination

The PM-02 table lamp may be small, but it makes a big impression. Proving that simple can be (and often is) beautiful. “The Planner PM-02 table lamp carefully balances modern manufacturing with a handmade feel, which has become a distinct feature of Paul McCobb’s designs, as well as a hallmark of Fritz Hansen’s craftsmanship,” says Christian Andresen, Head of Design at Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen PM- Table Lamp

Well suited to any interior with a minimalist Scandinavian expression, PM-02 table lamp gives warm, indirect light and is available in black or raw brass.

Timeless Geometry

Planner shelves are named after their ability to help shape the design of a room as book shelves, display units for favourite objects, or even as room dividers. The three versions vary in height and configurations. Perspective and scale in particular became a trademark for McCobb, the shelves are the result of meticulous attention to the room they would inhabit.

Fritz Hansen Planner Shelves

The Bauhaus-inspired units are crafted in durable matt powder-coated steel with hand welded gently rounded corners, and oak veneered bevelled shelves.

About Paul McCobb

Paul McCobb (1917-1969) was one of the leading contemporary furniture designers in the US during the 50’ and 60s. Having moved from Boston to New York to pursue his dream of becoming a designer he came to prominence as a design and decorating consultant for Martin Feinman’s Modernage Furniture. Although best known for his furniture designs, McCobb also designed radios and televisions, and acted as a design consultant to many leading corporations. Between 1950 and 1955 McCobb received MoMA's Good Design Award five times.

Paul McCobb

Since his death in 1969 few of his designs have been in production, but they are now making their way back to the market through a range of upcoming reissues. His signature thin lines, simplicity of form and distinct lightness characterise the realist and perfectionist which are a clear reflection of his personality.