With such an uncertain year ahead, it more important now than ever to make our living space as great and useable as we possibly can!  There’s no reason our living space should end in the house, this can be extended to our outside space no matter how limited that space may be. I think it’s fair to say that the good old English spirit is alive in us all right now and to do our bit to help save lives, stay home; have a staycation! Staying at home does not have to be a negative thing.  We have put together some inspiration so that you can do to make your space a wonderful oasis of calm and beauty that you can enjoy all throughout the year.

String Outdoor Shelving
Shelving really is a key part in transforming even the most modest of spaces.  They not only organise everything so your space looks less cluttered, but they can also be used to display flowers, pots or even a handy place to put next to the BBQ to keep all your utensils to hand when you need them!  Here at Funktion Alley we just LOVE String Furniture and the outdoor selection they have to offer right now.

String Outdoor shelving

String Outdoor shelving

Very easy to put together and looks so effective in any space.  Plus, if that space is limited it can be mounted on a fence or wall and have amazing results!  The String shelving system consists of two basic components: shelves and side panels. Based on the size of your wall you should work out the individual String components required for your system and then add them to the order!

Scandinavian Planters from SMD and Ferm Living
This time of year is the perfect time to be thinking about plants and flowers.  Both make any space look and feel like an oasis to hide away in. The health benefits of having plants in your home and garden have been proven to help with air quality, if you feel better physically it in turn boosts your mental health.  I think we all could do with a boost right now.  Whether you have just a balcony or yard, or sprawling acres, plants and flowers make the space.  Get the kids involved!  They love to get their hands dirty; it keeps them entertained and right now it’s a wonderful way to get them engaged and learning.

SMD Convex Planters

Another way to display your flowers and plants would be with the Ferm Living Plant Box.  New for 2020 taking Ferm livings popular Plant Box to new heights. The two-tier console table has the same sleek lines and materials from the plant box, but in a new configuration.
 The upper tray and the lower shelf are ideal for storing and showing off decorative accessories and plants. Made from powder coated metal it is suitable for outdoor use, but is stylish and sleek enough for the kitchen, hallway or bathroom storing everyday items such as cups, plates and bottles.  UK delivery is free right now so don’t miss out!

Ferm Living Two Tier Planter

Shine the Light!
Enjoying your outdoor space any time of day or into the evening this time of year is a certainty!  We seem to sit out until the wee hours when we go on holiday but don’t take advantage of this so much when we’re at home.  We say crack out the wine, dust off the patio set, this year’s staycation is all about alfresco dining!  Beautiful lighting really does have a massive impact on your outdoor space, it’s inviting and welcoming, there’s something so special about eating by twinkling light.

CPH Lighting Eggy Pop outdoor light

We know it can be a bit a cooler of an evening than in most of the usual holiday destinations so why not unleash your inner caveman (or woman) and keep things cosy with a fire pit.

Eva Solo Fire Globe

Eat, Drink, Be Happy!
Nothing says Staycation more than having a few glasses of wine with a great dinner.  Maybe you don’t have a patio set to dust off?  Well don’t worry we have just the thing, the STUA Deneb Table and Benches in Teak will do the job very nicely!  This contemporary outdoor set will make a stylish statement to any outdoor space. Made from anodised aluminium and FSC approved teak its suitable for outdoor use but stylish enough for indoor. 

Stua Deneb Table

 Stua Deneb Table

We hope this has given you a few ideas to turn your outdoor space into this years Staycation!  It may not be the South of France but sometimes there’s no better place to be but home.  Stay safe and well, with love and best wishes the Funktion Alley Team x