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String Shelving

We know that green is not for everybody and in fact with the exception of lime green, we might say that it has actually been unpopular.  This is probably because it can be a little difficult to work in with other colours or maybe lots of people (like my grandmother) still think of green as being unlucky. 

That’s all changed and green is definitely  in, we have seen several manufactures introduce green into their range, the shades vary but in general as with other colour trends the muted tones are most popular.   In May we attended a lecture by designer David Oakey who is a big advocate for bio mimicry (designs inspired by nature) and in particular a design called Entropy where each module or unit is unique or random.   Oakey believes that if we surround ourselves with design inspired by nature it helps our sense of wellbeing.  We aren’t suggesting you lay a lawn in your living room, but green is traditionally associated with nature and helps promote the feeling of piece and calm.  Mix it with light coloured wooden furniture and some off white and you have all the ingredients for a contemporary nature inspired interior which is more mid-century than middle earth.

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