If you are one of our lovely regular customers and you are reading this then you will have probably noticed that we have a brand new website.  Whilst we loved the old site and will miss it, changes needed to be made. Since 2007 we have out grown it and of course the world, technology and the way we like to shop has changed.  We really wanted to offer a much more engaging and user friendly experience.

The key features of the site are.

Big images.  When you are purchasing cool design it’s all about the look and feel right?  Well we didn't manage to come up with a way of allowing you to touch the items but we have made the images as big as possible so you can see how they will look, where possible we have tried to show details up close.  See the Light Years Orient Pendant Light as an example.

Light Years Orient Pendant

Filters. Our old site didn’t allow a sub menu meaning if you wanted to look at Bar Stools these were on the same page as all our other seating products.  Now simply go to furniture/stools

The Funktionalley Book Shelf. We are often asked by our customers for catalogues, the truth is producing catalogues is pretty expensive and not so good for the environment.  So we have added the bookshelf.  It’s a place for us to store catalogues and other print digitally; they are all beautifully mounted on String magazine shelves.  Try it for yourself.

Funktionalley Bookshelf

A big thank you to all our suppliers for allowing us to use the catalogues and especially to String ® furniture for allowing us to use their shelving.

We really hope you enjoy the new site, we are sure there will be a few hitches along the way as we continue to improve and work on it.  If you see anything strange or would like to offer us some feedback please do so, we would like to hear what you think.