Move over Hugge, 2018 is all about ‘Lagom’ derived from the Swedish meaning for ‘Just the right amount’, unlike Hugge, Lagom is not about ‘fitting a little bit into your day’ instead it is a way of changing your days, to improve your relationship with the environment, helping you to focus on the essentials and create balance within your life.

Lagom is a term which encourages you to embrace a minimalistic lifestyle, Investing in quality over quantity.

Below are a few tips on how you can introduce a little Lagom into your life without having to sell all your belongings, as well as some of our products which we feel embrace the notion of Lagom, through quality design which is built to last.

Change your bulbs

Small changes can make a big difference. Swap out your old bulbs for more energy efficient ones, they will last longer and use less electricity - Better for the environment and your pocket.

Our Le Klint Carronade Large Pendant light fixture comes with a free LED Light Bulb, so your home will look stylish and you know you’ve done your bit for the planet!

LE KLINT Carronade

 Grow your own

Growing your own food can be so rewarding, whether you have an acre of land or a windowsill in your apartment, it is easily achieved. This season is ideal for growing asparagus, peas and garlic. Blend them up and create a soups and salads!

Chop away!  Sagaform Oval Oak Cutting Board is not only functional but is ethically sourced.  That soup’s going to taste even better! 

 Sagaform Oak

Wrap up warm

By turning down your thermostat 1 degree you could cut your heating bills by up to 10 per cent! Also, a great excuse to invest in good quality soft furnishings for the home, so you can get cosy in those colder months.

We recommend the Muuto Sway Throw. Made from Merino wool, it is one of the world’s most ancient breeds of sheep and one of the toughest.  Durable, lightweight and breathable this throw will keep you warm on the coldest of nights!

 Muuto Sway Throw


Invest in quality

Styles change as frequently as the seasons but here at Funktion Alley we believe furniture and products should not be disposable, invest in quality and they will remain timeless. Overall reducing your environmental footprint by creating less waste, as well as creating truly considered environment for you to live.

The range of furniture from STUA, including chairs, stools and tables, are all made in Spain using only European materials.  The Wood is from sustainable sources, their upholstery complies to ISO 14001, the international environmental standard and the metal and plastics used in the Onda stools and Globus chairs are 97 and 99% recyclable. You get a beautiful, quality pieces without worrying about the planet.

Stua Onda and Laclasica