Staycation Part 2: When you can’t get to the bar, bring the bar to you

Let’s face it, right now we aren’t going anywhere! We’ve pretty much accepted our summer holidays and any other travel plans, birthdays, weddings, family gatherings are off the table right now. Our Country has come together like never before and the true meaning of staying home and saving lives has never been more poignant. We are actually saving lives, by simply staying at home! With that being said turning your home and garden into a place that you want to spend that time in is probably the best investment you can make right now. With no real clear end in sight to get back to our normal way of life, we think it’s time to embrace all the things we love to do and modify it to suit the times! Why can’t we still enjoy a drink at the bar?

The drinks are the cheapest at Chez Funktion Alley, you can turn up in your PJ’s and oh yes, no one needs to be the designated driver! There’s a lot to be said for staying home. We’re extended this Staycation blog to include, how you can turn a small corner of your home into a bar. It’s so easy to achieve and you can go on enjoying your little slice of holiday for many years to come. Who knows, staycationing could soon become the new norm. We also thought that it was very important to offer you our super immune boosting Pina Colada recipe. We have to keep our strength up after all ;)

Northern Loud Drinks Cabinet

Our first offering for your staycation home bar is the Northern Loud Drinks Cabinet. The drinks trolley has made something of a comeback in recent years, it’s easy to see why this versatile little piece of furniture will fit into almost any room, next to a sofa or in an alcove. The useful storage units can also be used as additional side tables. Loud designed by Swedish/French due Färg & Blanche is both subtle and dazzling, it features unadorned soft curves but is finished in bright polished laminate which contrasts the smoked of carcass. We think this is a must have for any respectable home bar! 

Northern Loud Drinks Cabinet
Staying with the theme of the drinks trolley, being able to move your drinks into any room easily or even into your garden makes a home bar really work for any set up you have. Our next offering is the Gubi Matégot Tea Trolly. A classic piece that was designed between 1953 and 1954 still stands the test of time and would be perfectly placed in any contemporary or period interior.

Gubi Matégot Tea Trolly

Having somewhere to store and display your well stocked bar is also a very important. Having everything on show so you can pick and choose your little tipple, whenever the mood takes you is the best way to go, we say! We would suggest our String + Hanger Racks. This range of accessories is designed to make the original system from 1949 even more versatile. The hangers are made from powder coated steel can be used on the metal shelves in kitchen or home bar systems. You are able to hang wine or Champaign glasses with ease. Each set has two racks providing a total of four hangers. We currently have available in both 20 and 30cm deep.

String + Hanger Racks
Sticking with storage solutions the Ferm Living Plant Box is one of Ferm Living’s signature pieces. Bringing life into your home you can style them with flowers in vases or green plants in pots. If you don’t have green fingers, then they can be used for decoration or storage all over the house. Perfect for storing everything your home bar needs to knock up a cocktail or three anytime! With the addition of the trays or dividers they’re suitable as side tables, so you have somewhere to rest that cocktail on!

ferm living plant box drinks table
The last offering, we have to make your home bar a reality is part of the String® Systems range of accessories. These handy bottle trays are design with the mindset of increasing functionality by enabling for more and creative storage possibilities. We think you’re going to need a few; you wouldn’t want to run out of wine, now would you?

String Shelving Bottle Tray

Now that we have sorted your home bar so you can really sit back and enjoy your staycation in style, as promised here is our immune boosting Pina Colada recipe. Enjoy, stay safe and well, the Funktion Alley Team x

Funktion Alley’s Fancy Immune Boosting Pina Colada*

1 1/2 cup ice
1/2 cup diced pineapple, frozen
2 ounces pineapple juice
2 ounces Coco Lopez coconut cream
1 1/2 ounces white rum
1-ounce dark rum
Juice of half a lime
Agave nectar (to taste)
Pineapple slices (garnish)

Directions: Put the ice, frozen pineapple, juice, coconut cream, and the white and dark rums into a blender. Blend until smooth and frosty. Pour the drink into 2 glasses and garnish the rim with pineapple slices. Easy peasy! With its disease-fighting antioxidants and immune boosting properties, this pineapple-based cocktail is a real winner

*Please note the above does not offer any protection or cure of illness.