A coffee table is the centrepiece to every living room.  Their whole purpose, after all, is to sit right in the middle of the room!  More often than not, they are simply forgotten when it comes to decorating.  You sit it in your living room and somehow it becomes a dumping ground for clutter.  Or a handy foot rest!  Styling your coffee table in the right way, can do so much for the overall look of your living room.  It can bring together pictures, colours, fabrics, the list is endless.  It can have a huge impact on your home décor.

We’ve put together a useful list of a few simple items that, if styled correctly, can make a real difference in your home.  Before we get carried away with styling your coffee table, lets pick one first!  No matter the space or your style choice, we know that one of these babies will hit the spot;

Ethnicraft Window Coffee Table

Ethnicraft Window Coffee Table

The Ethnicraft window coffee table is fun and functional.  If you are the type of person that doesn’t like lots of things taking up space on your coffee table, this choice is perfect for you!  You can create a coffee table that is personal to you by showcasing your belongings, whilst keeping things free from clutter!  This a unique way of displaying your possessions and making your coffee table one of a kind.

STUA Solapa Coffee Tables

STUA Solapa Coffee Table

If you are looking for a very reasonably priced option, this is the coffee table for you.  These tables come in oak, white and walnut.  They also come in 3 different sizes, so you could stack them in a coffee table nest, if you found that you needed more surface space. They would be a perfect choice for a smaller home or apartment, where space is an issue. 

Ethnicraft Nordic Coffee Table

Ethnicraft Nordic Coffee Table

From the Ethnicraft Nordic collection, this coffee table is a more classic approach.  It comes in two different colours and sizes to suit any space.  Simple in its design, this robust frame features a draw and shelf.  This make this coffee table perfect for storing your books and magazine, keeping the top free to display your things.  A great choice for anyone who likes everything in its place, neat and tidy!

STUA Solapa Coffee Tables-Fenix

STUA Solapa Coffee Table - Fenix

Again, if cost and space are an issue the Stua Solapa Coffee Tables-Fenix is the way to go.  This coffee table looks sleek and stylish but is also cleverly designed using Arpa Industriale Fenix material.  The super opaque nanotech material is anti-fingerprint and self-heals micro-scratches.  This would be the way to go if you have children putting their sticky mits all over things!  Anti-fingerprint and self-heals micro-scratches??  You just saved yourself loads of time cleaning!

Ethnicraft  Rise coffee table

Ethnicraft Rise Coffee Table

Long and low!  Modern sofa styles have gotten lower so it makes sense that the coffee table you choose will need to match.  The Rise coffee table available in oak or walnut is perfect for in front of a modern low sofa.  It has a bottom shelf to store magazine TV remotes etc (more on this in part two) and has a matching side table to co ordinate your living space.

STUA Eclipse Coffee Tables

STUA Eclipse Coffee Table

Our last suggestion is the Stua Eclipse Coffee Tables.  They range from small to extra-large and are a contemporary interpretation of traditional nesting tables.  The four 4 finishes in this design are; oak, walnut, white and grey stained ash.  Again, this option would be perfect for a smaller space, but if you decided to purchase multiple tables, you could quiet easily combine them to create various spatial patterns.  Which would mean a great statement piece for a larger room!

Now we’ve given you some good coffee table ideas, keep your eyes peeled for part two of this blog, where we will give you some awesome style tips to make your living space look like something out of a home décor magazine!