Stylish Coffee Tables and How to Make the Most of Your Choice – Part 2

In part one of this blog, we gave you some coffee table suggestions and ideas that would be not only practical and work for you but also enhance your home décor.  Part two is all out styling!  We believe that with three simple ideas, we will address style and functionality all in one.  Its very easy to fall into the trap of over complicating style, to go way over the top and things end up looking messy rather than classy!  So, sit back, put your feet up (not on the coffee table!!) and relax, here’s our simple guide to coffee table styling;

The Vase

An obvious choice I hear you say!  Its works though!  Picking a vase that suits the rest of your décor is very simple.  You can’t really go wrong!  So, if you’re one of these people who gets a little lost in colours and what goes with what, you can’t really make a bad choice.  Plus having flowers in any room always brightens up the space.  Again, if you pick a very simple vase, the flowers can do all the work.  No matter your colour palette you WILL find flowers that compliment your style.  If your room is pastel, go for pinks and yellows, if you have a more classic room, deep reds and purples would be a good call.  You can also change things up so often, in spring, display daffodil’s, in the winter use holly and winter berries.  If you make a display that you’re not too keen on, no worries, just pick a different bunch next time!

Style Your Coffee Table - Vase- Kahler

Kahler Unico Vase / Kahler Omaggio Vase

The Coaster 

If you’re like me, watching someone put a cup or glass onto a surface without a coaster is like torture!  This isn’t just a style choice, it’s a must in my eyes!  You’ve just bought a lovely new coffee table, the last thing you want to see is awful water marks all over it.  Its main purpose is to protect your new coffee table, I know.  That doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish!  Again, if you’re nervous about using colours, this is a great way to use a splash, without going over the top or spending lots of money.  On the other hand, you could have a very colourful room and just want to simply use a coaster for its practical purpose, no problems, go for black or even glass!  Keeping them neat and tidy when you’re not using them is simple too, use a coaster box!

 Lind DNA Glass Mats and box

Lind DNA Glass Mat/Glass Mat Box

The Storage 

Keeping practicality in mind, using storage baskets and containers just makes sense.  Anything left lying around on your coffee table other than carefully thought-out pieces is going to make the space look untidy.  Don’t forget, your coffee table is going to sit in the middle of your living room, it is the focal point in that room.  Any mess is going to be noticed straight away, when guests comes to visit.  I know, I know, sometimes you just don’t get the chance to tidy.  Using a storage basket, is so easy and effective.  It’s the answer to your clutter, plus it does add style to your table.  You can’t avoid mess, so own it, make it look like you intend to have these things on your coffee table and you will achieve ultimate style!

Minus Tio Block Basket and Muuto Restore Basket

Minus Tio Block Basket/Muuto Restore Basket

So, there you have it, style and practical ideas for your home!  We really hope this two parter have given you lots to ponder.  Now you get to enjoy your space and what a space it’s going to be!