Stylish Spring Cleaning

After what feels like an age of cold, dark weather, the promise of spring is just around the corner.  With lighter and brighter days on the way, March can be so much more than the signal that spring is starting; it can and should be the time to begin a spring clean!  So, roll up your sleeves, get the rubber gloves out and turn that playlist right up, it’s time to get to work.  Don’t worry though, we’re here to help!  With Strings storage solutions not only will your home be clean and tidy, it will be stylish too!

Bedroom - The String Shelving System Closet

The bedroom is as good a place to start as anywhere!  With such busy schedules and long days, the bedroom always seems to be the last place that gets sorted.  We’re all guilty of chucking clothes on the back of a chair and before you know it your room looks like a jumble sale!  Stylish, simple and extremely effective, the String Shelving System Closet is the perfect solution.  Gone are the days you spend 3 hours looking for that top you thought you saw last week, somewhere in the mess!  This Swedish design classic, will have you organised in no time and with a choice of 3 colours, the String Shelving System will suit any style of bedroom.

String Shelving closet System shoe shelf metal shelf

Living Room – String Shelving Workstations and Sideboards

I think we can all agree that the living room is where we spend most of our time.  We entertain here, we spend time with our family here and most importantly, we kick back and relax here.  A statement piece of furniture can have such a great impact on your overall décor.  Most importantly it’s the answer to storage problems!  Never again will your living room be overflowing with clutter; the String Shelving System Sideboard is versatile and has beautifully designed cupboards to cleverly hide that mess!  Spring cleaning doesn’t always have to mean throwing half of your belongings away! 

 String Shelving System Sideboard walnut_white

Kitchen – String Bowls and Hooks 

When it comes to keeping your kitchen in order, think small changes, you’ll be surprised how much it will have an impact on not just organisation but style too.  Make life easy for yourself, use storage jars, hooks, bowls, wall grids…the list goes on.  It doesn’t have to mean hours of re organising, instead of stuffing all your utensils in one draw, display them.  We’ve all built a little pan tower in the cupboard and then braced for the inevitable, TIMBER, as they all come crashing down!  Display them!  Proudly show off all your kitchen tools, Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out!

String shelving Bowl Shelf

 String shelving system Kitchen Metal shelves string plus hooks

Office – String Organisers 

Keeping an office organised can be a full-time job, especially if this is a place where the kids do their homework.  Nisse Strinning, designed many of their String products with style in mind but were also aware that they must be functional.  They have been developing shelving since 1949 and many other products to make life that little bit easier.  We have an array of products that will make this year’s spring clean, the easiest year yet!  After all tidy space, tidy mind!

String Shelving Folding Table_String Works storage unit

 String plus Organisers three pack

We really hope this has given you lots of inspiration for your annual spring clean, fingers crossed with the help of String Shelving products it will be the most efficient and stylish one to date. Good luck and happy cleaning!