Our last trend watch was on the colour pink and how it is used to soften the contemporary design look.  This trend watch is the opposite, we’ve gone all manly. It’s all about tough industrial style design; we’ve picked three products with wire or steel frames as the theme.

Steel wire is an extremely useful material for furniture, it allows a designer to create mesh shapes that are rigid but organic and have a lightness of form.  Of course it is a very durable product and with the addition of certain materials or coatings can be used for outdoor environments.  One of the most iconic designs using this material are of course Harry Bertoia’s chairs.  While we see a lot of chairs made like this now, in the 1950’s it was considered an innovation and an interesting step away from solid wooden furniture.  His furniture is still produced by Knoll and is loved by design conscious home owners and professionals the world over.

Piña Chair by Jaime Hayon
One contemporary mesh chair undoubtedly influenced by Bertoia is Piña Chair by Jaime Hayon.  It’s made from epoxy resin coated steel rods and produced in Italy by Magis.  The arm chair is a nice compromise between dining and easy chair making it very versatile for homes and commercial interiors.  The latest version of this chair includes a low chair and rocking chair. Watch this space for more details

Magis Pina Chair by Jaime Hayon

City Sunday Magazine Rack
Swedish producer Minus Tio were inspired by real and utopian cityscapes when they created this magazine rack.  We presented this at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week at the Interface Floor showroom and they loved them so much they asked if we could leave them to be used in their reception area.  The co designer Olle Wingard explained that while at first glance it looks simple the product is produced in several parts and then welded together.  In order to keep the clean silhouette the welds must be almost invisible.  After the success of this rack Minus Tio have also lunched a smaller version, Little Saturday and a floor version In the Neighbourhood.

Minus Tio City Sunday Magazine Rack

Grid Pendant Light
Produced by CPH Lighting, Grid has been one of our most popular lamps for several years.  It’s a contemporary interpretation by Tom Stepp of the traditional work light that is featured in factories and docks all over Scandinavia.  The Grid placed at he bottom of course was originally intended to protect the light bulb has become a decorative feature and can be easily removed with a simple pinch-and-pull.  This pendant has just been launched in two new colours, South Pink and Moss Green.

CPH Lighting Grid Pendant Light

We love the industrial style and think its set to stay, wire products are only one aspect though, you can combine it with copper products - take a look at the Treated Copper finish of Evergreen pendant light by Northern Lighting.  If you are looking for wall coverings we would suggest the Eco Dimensions collection which includes crackles, textures and geometrics.  If you find it all a little hard edged you can soften and warm the look with other materials but keep in natural, try wool or reclaimed timber.