Funktion Alley / Cooper Barbecue Top Tips

The great British Summer is finally upon us, sort of, and at the first glimpse of sun us Brits are quick to stock up on grill-able goods, don that embarrassing apron and light up the barbecue! We here at Funktion Alley have put together some top tips and picked out some handy utensils to ensure you make the most of this summer, your barbecue and most of all, enjoy it just as much as your guests.


Rubs and marinades are a great way to get the best out of your food, ensuring they stay moist and enhancing the flavours. Rubs and Marinades are best applied to the meat or vegetables the day before your planned barbecue and placed in a dish or bowl, in the fridge overnight. The longer a rub is left on the more of a impact it will have on the overall flavour. We've been using The Eva Solo Grill Basting Brush to ensure even coverage, making sure every bite is as tasty as the last. Click here for a simple dry rub recipe which will enhance the flavours of your meat or vegetables and have your guests coming back for more.

The Main Event

So your food is prepped but it's no good putting in all that effort if you're going to burn everything to a cinder. So firstly ensure your barbecue has enough time to heat. Top tip - Oil the bars for the grill, this stops food from sticking – leaving you less to clean up at the end of the night. 

At this stage the utensils you chose to use are key.  It has happened to the best of us, a sausage, sacrificed through the grill grate. That poor piece of pepper, you thought was a chunk of coal, that's why to prevent any accidental waste, at the top of our list is Sagaforms new flip Grill Basket. Grill Baskets are great for ensuring nothing slips through the net as well being able to delicately sear food so nothing ends up burnt. 

Tongs and Spatulas are the knives and forks of the barbecue world. A trusty set of barbeque tongs should have a long handle, to ensure no singed arm hairs. Spatulas fit for barbequing should have a strong, slanted head, providing you with flexibility to flip until you're heart is content. 

Finally, on to the Grill, excited by products which are both functional and stylish, The Eva Solo Fireglobe Gas Grill doubles as a fireplace providing ample heat, so once you hang up your apron, you can still make the most of the summer evenings, stay outside longer and later, and a top tip – a sprig of rosemary or a few bay leaves on the grill not only creates a heavenly fragrance but it keeps insects away too!

Everything else

Dining alfresco should look as good as it sounds, so ditch those plastic chairs and table, after all the garden is an extension of your home. Barbecues are relaxed atmospheres and the sunshine instantaneously lifts everyone's spirits. It is not a formal dinner party nor is it a rushed week day evening meal. You've worked hard to create such a feast and it deserves to be displayed well. Large wooden Boards encourage everyone to get involved, share food and act as platforms for the show stopping meat. Create a relaxed, chilled atmosphere with soft lighting, we love Northern Lightings new Outdoor range, inspired by nature and includes the Poppy Table Lamp, A stylish, safer alternative to wax candles.

Lastly, there are somethings you just cannot plan for, we will always have the British weather to contend with, even in the height of British Summer we can find that no matter how much we plan and prepare we are always threatened with wind, rain and nippy evenings. Outdoor heaters are great solutions for this, another alternative would be to drape blankets over seating, not only is it practical but also makes for a cosy environment and guests feel at home. We at Funktion Alley believe that when a barbecue is done well and as long as your guests are happy, the weather becomes irrelevant. So grab those tongs, fire up the grill and let's start Summer!