5 Ways to Create the Perfect Cosy Autumn Outdoor Living Space
by Jeannie Lovett
With its cool temperatures and sometimes breezy conditions, believe it or not it can be a good time for outdoor living. Before winter arrives and confines us indoors, enjoy the health benefits of the outdoors and make your space as cosy and comfortable as your living room. Outdoor living spaces vary from basic concrete patio slabs to elaborate designs complete with full kitchens and bars. Regardless of where you are on that spectrum, you can make your space perfect for autumn living.

Think Beyond the Patio Chair
A growing number of homeowners are keen on outdoor living, so manufacturers offer an array of furnishings that are comfortable, attractive, and resilient. Don’t feel limited to the matched table and seating sets you see in shops and online. Go eclectic and mix your pieces to suit your taste. Canvas and teak work well and outdoor rugs and colourful throw pillows add a homely touch. Decorative screens can add visual interest as well as privacy. If your space isn’t covered, a broad patio umbrella is almost a necessity.

Butterfly Outdoor Chair

Add a Warming Glow
Nothing says cosy like a cheerful flame on a cool evening. Fire pits and bowls offer the comfort of hearth and campfire and beckon for storytelling and roasted marshmallows. You’ll find a broad selection of styles, sizes, and prices to suit your needs. Patio heaters, available in electric, gas, and infrared can also help take the nip out of the air.

Fire pit

Be One With Nature
If you’re going to be outdoors, you’ll want your garden to stay attractive for family and guests even as the growing season winds down. You also want to bring greenery and colour right into your living space with potted plants, plant boxes, and bouquets of fresh flowers cut from your garden. While many plants are at the end of their blooming cycle in autumn, others — including mums and asters — are just getting started. Grab a few basic gardening tools and plant some fall perennials, which you can enjoy for autumns to come. You can be bigger and bolder with your containers outdoors than you might dare indoors.

Light Up Your Life
As the days grow shorter, you’ll need light for autumn evenings. Thanks to advancements in lighting, we’re no longer limited to porch lights and floodlights. Modern lighting systems allow you to add outdoor overhead and wall lighting. You can also use path lights and string lights to hang in tree boughs or around your umbrella. LED bulbs designed for outdoors are safe, efficient and long-lasting. Many lighting systems operate by remote control or even through your smartphone.

Eggy Pop outdoor light
Entertain Yourself
Wifi and Bluetooth technology let us take our entertainment out the backdoor with us. Bluetooth speakers enable us to play our favourite music anywhere. WiFi makes it easy to channel-surf outdoors on big, bright digital TVs. It’s possible to have all the comforts of indoors, outdoors. That leaves us little reason to be confined to the house on wonderful autumn days and evenings.

You don’t have to build it all at the same time. Plan and begin your outdoor living space this season. Add to it as time and budget allow until you make it just perfect for you!

Jeannie Lovett is a home decorator who enjoys adding rustic touches to everything she designs. She specialises in creating energy-efficient homes and landscapes.