We hear this time and again, customers come into the showroom and get inspired by the pendants but are then disappointed because they have low ceilings and think that a pendant won’t look right with a short drop.  Undoubtedly this is a fair concern and they are correct they can look strange with a short drop.

Below we have put together some suggestions so you can make the the most of your pendant light fittings  even with low ceilings

Think about where you hang them.

People (particularly in England) often think the pendant needs to drop from the ceiling rose, on the continent however they have no issues about hanging the pendant over the location they wish regardless of the location of the power.  Fret not you wont have to employ and a whole building firm just to move the power, you can use a hook or even another ceiling rose to loop the wire to where you need it.  This means you can drop the pendant over a coffee or dining table allowing you to lower it an extra foot or so.

Fritz Hansen Mingus Swag Hooks

If you would like any help with hanging a pendant like this please feel free to contact us, we have a range of multi outlet ceiling roses and swag hooks which we can add to your lighting order.

Go Wide to go Low

The other option is to select a lamp with a large diameter compared to its height.  The problem with large pendants is that as the diameter gets bigger so does the height, if however you select a lamp which has a low profile you can get the maximum drop.  These lamps are also a good if you don’t want to spoil a view in front of a window for example.

Wastberg W171 Alma pendant

Wastberg w171 Alma Pendant Light at almost 70cm wide but 2.5 cm deep you can hang it over a foot off the ceiling (unless you have 6’6” friend)

Other good choices include the Nuura Blossi Pendant and Fritz Hansen Concert pendant

Get Creative with Wall Lights

It’s worth remembering that wall lights can for the most part also be attached to the ceiling.  We have several lights which double as wall and ceiling lights including the Nuura Liila and Northern Over Me light.

Northern Above ceiling / wall light

Nuura Lilla Wall/Ceiling light

If you would like any assistance or advise on selecting a pendant light for low ceilings please contact us.