It’s that time of year again, when it’s time to get things organised.  We all need to have a good hard look at our homes; are we really going to persevere for another year with the hallway as it is? If you are not going to use that exercise bike, should it really have pride of place in the middle of the floor?  Sound familiar?

These are our top 6 tips for getting things sorted this spring.

Be ruthless

At some point you are going to have to face it, you just have too much stuff.  I know what you’re thinking “that’s obvious”, but actually a lot of people really struggle with getting rid of things and start to hoard.  If you haven’t used something for six months then you probably won’t miss it and after all having a clean and tranquil home will be worth it. 

Make the most of walls.

Adding storage to walls makes a really big difference. Keeping things off the floors and surfaces gives the illusion of more space.  Use the full height, if there are things you don’t use often you can put them up high.  But also go down, adding a second row of hooks beneath your current hooks could double up on your storage.  Maze and Muuto do ranges of hooks and shelves which are wall mounted and can be combined to your needs.

Maze hat rack and shoe shelf 

Go modular

If you have a growing collection then consider a modular storage system which can be grow with it.  Top hits here are media, books and shoes.  String and Muuto both do a modular shelving system which can be used for all sorts of items

String modular shelving 

Transitional spaces

We are talking halls, porches, entrances.  Adding shoe racks, shelves and storage boxes to these areas stops the mess migrating into the living areas of the house, keeping it clean and tidy.   Skagerak does a great range for transitional spaces.

Muuto entrance 


While adding a big cupboard to a room may appear to offer loads of storage in truth that’s just going to get messy as well, you don’t want a Monica style dirty little secret.  Divide the space with enough boxes or shelves so you can easily access everything and things don’t get jumbled together.

Plastic not so fantastic

While those large plastic storage boxes you can buy in DIY shops and supermarkets have their place (like the basement or loft) they don’t really look great.  Try to select attractive pieces of furniture or storage you are proud of, this way you will want to show them off and be less inclined to use them as dumping grounds.

Thats our top 6 tips for the spring clean.  The careful selection of your storage in the correct place and you will soon have clean, tidy and tranquil home...for a while anyway.  We would love to see or hear any of your top tips via email [email protected] or via our instagram or twitter @funktionalley.