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Ethnicraft Best Sellers – All in time for Christmas!

Ethnicraft Best Sellers – All in time for Christmas!

This Christmas will be one to celebrate, given the very different Christmas we all had last year!  This year will be a time for family, extended family and friends to gather once again and spend the festive season as we should, together.  As we all know, getting ready for Christmas can sometimes be stressful.  If you have a lot of people visiting over the Christmas period, now is the time to let Ethnicraft’s best sellers help you make your home a welcoming and inviting place to spend the big day!

The Ethnicraft range available at Funktion Alley offers you solid hardwood furniture, from a brand which values authenticity, simplicity and craftsmanship, creating sustainable furniture that boasts character. Ethnicraft is a Belgium based company and have been around for the past 20 years.  They pride themselves on using only the best materials, all the wood is FSC approved and finished in Ethnicrafts own workshops.  Here is our ultimate guide of how some of Ethnicrafts best sellers, can make your home special and functional this Christmas…

Let’s Eat!

 Bok Extendable dining table

Ethnicraft Bok Extendable Dining Table

One of the most important meals you’ll cook this year?  Christmas dinner of course!  Knowing you will most likely have to fit many more people around your dining table this year, means this is the perfect time to invest in one of Ethnicrafts best sellers and most well-loved pieces. The Ethnicraft Bok Extendable Dining Table.  The Ethnicraft Bok Dining Table has a soft, contemporary design with beveled edge top which is crafted from solid oak. Originally only available in natural oak, Ethnicraft have newly introduced an extendable version. The Bok has a timeless aesthetic which lends itself to most interiors and is available in five sizes, to fit in almost any environment.  Perfect for gathering around this Christmas, then fold away again until your next big family event!

Pull up a Chair

Ethnicraft Bok Chir 

Ethnicraft Bok Chair

Something that is always in short supply around Christmas time, somewhere to sit!  Don’t get caught out this year, the Ethincraft Bok Chair matches the Eithnicraft Bok Extendable Dining Table perfectly and you will never be concerned about the lack of chairs again!   Designed by Alain van Havre the Ethnicraft Bok Chair is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary minimalist design to create a timeless piece suitable for most interiors. The curved back is carved from solid oak giving the Bok a striking appearance. Available in black or natural oak, so whatever your décor, Ethnicraft will have something for you!

We always have room for guests!

Ethnicraft Oak Spindle Bed

Ethnicraft Oak Spindle Bed

Another area we always seem to neglect at Christmas time, extra space for people to stay!  It’s great to be able to offer a lovely place for guests to stay over the holiday period.  Somewhere warm, comfortable and stylish too!   The Ethnicraft Oak Spindle Bed collection, drawers’ inspiration from the traditional spinning wheel and traditional shaker furniture.  The headboard incorporates perfectly aligned spokes into a beautifully curved outer frame.  Ethnicraft slightly tapered the legs, so the bed has soft rounded edges giving a sense lightness and quality.  Craftmanship is at the core of the Ethnicraft brand, that’s why the Ethinicraft Oak Spindle Bed is made from solid varnished oak.  It also includes the required curved ply bed slates, making this bed a comfortable and restful place to get a good night’s sleep for years to come not just for Christmas.  The Ethnicraft Oak Spindle Bed is available in two sizes, perfect for whoever you have staying!

I’d like another helping!

Ethnicraft Oak Nordic Sidebopard

Ethnicraft Nordic Sideboard

Your dining room will become the hub of the home this Christmas.  Having the whole family gathered around the table, sometimes means you don’t have a lot of space on the table for all the delicious food that’s been prepared!  A sideboard is always a really handy thing to have in your dining room, not just for Christmas but can be useful for family gatherings all year round.  Giving you that extra space to serve from means less trips to the kitchen!  The Nordic Sideboard by Ethnicraft is available with the option of 2, 3 or 4 doors, making it great for any space. A contemporary and stylish way to organise your belongings, store dishes and use as a handy place to serve dinner from. Brought to you by Ethnicraft a brand that values authenticity, simplicity and craftsmanship, using only FSC approved solid oak hardwood.

We hope that Ethnicraft can be part of your Christmas this year and for many more to come.  Ethnicraft’s best sellers will hopefully give you a handy guide to create the perfect, beautiful, yet useful home this year.  Let us deliver Ethnicraft’s iconic pieces direct to your home, all in time for the big day.  To find out how you can get everything delivered by Christmas, a free gift with every order over £500 and free deliver, visit us today!  


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