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Style Your String Pocket Shelf

Style Your String Pocket Shelf

Sometimes when space is at a premium, the best way to get the most of out of your room is with some clever shelving!  Not only does it give you more space in that particular room, but it declutters, keeps items safe and makes a great way to style a room with all your personal items.  So, if you are looking for a handy ‘how to’ guide to style your space, then look no further!  With the help of Sting Pocket Shelves, let Funktion Alley, show you how to make some of the most important rooms in your home look amazing, with a String Pocket Shelf…


String pocket shelf oak and white details photo

One of the most important rooms in your home, the kitchen.  Whether you are a chef in the making or you don’t cook at all, clever shelving can make all the difference in a kitchen!  Perhaps you do a lot of baking and want easy access to all of your utensils or books.  If you don’t cook but do have some nice pieces, like a mortar and pestle you wanted to show off then the String Pocket Shelf in Metal is the best way to go.  Classic in its design and strong enough to support the weight of all your kitchen items, the String Pocket Shelf also comes in a range of colours.  The smallest of the string systems this package containing two end panels and three shelves is now available in perforated metal. The holes allow you to use the range of String+ items to accessories the shelf making it a more versatile in your kitchen.

String Pocket Shelf Metal, Taupe

String Pocket Shelf – Metal


A room to relax, sleep and take some time to recharge your batteries, the bedroom needs to be a place of calm.  Using the String Pocket Shelf to display books, a lamp or even some family pictures would be a great use of space but also add that touch of style to your room.  Introduced in 1949, the String Shelf System is regarded as a design icon and still looks as modern today as it did over 60 years ago. String Pocket is a box set which can be used individually or combined with other String Shelving Systems.  Making this a versatile shelf that can be a feature piece in your bedroom.

String Pocket shelf hung next to a bed

String Pocket Shelf

With a wide range of colours, the String Pocket Shelf can even add a touch of colour to a neutral décor. 

Kids Room 

Keeping colour in mind, a great way to add this into a kid’s room is with a colourful String Pocket Shelf.  We all know that storge is a must for a child’s bedroom, with all their toys, books and soft furnishings, an appealing yet practical shelving system is a great option.  The String Pocket Shelf can also be added to other Sting Shelving Systems, creating a feature wall of all your little one’s favourite things!  Great news for those of us that like everything in its place!

String Shelving System in kid room

String Pocket Shelf – Metal 

Man Cave

Not exclusively for men!  Could work equally as well in a She Shed!  This place is your own space to really kick back and relax.  With all the stresses everyday life brings, it’s more important than ever to have a place to retreat to and shut yourself off from it all!  Perhaps you have a bar or maybe you have set up your hobby in this space, adding a String Pocket Shelf could be very useful.  This is also the place to really experiment with style, why not mix and match, you could choose a String Shelf in a different colour and mix with a different finish.  Or again, create a brand-new unique shelving system that works for your needs and/or use!

String Shelving Pocket Shelf, Grey

String Pocket Shelf

There really isn’t a room in your home that could not benefit from a Shelving System from String.  With an option for any room, now is the best time to add a String Pocket Shelf to your space, with 10% off on new orders with the code SPRING2022* you can make any room in your home look great!

Keep an eye out for our next ‘how to’ guide, if you can’t wait until then why not subscribe to the Funktion Alley Edit and we’ll send you inspiration, our new arrivals and exclusive offers!



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