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Achieve the Luxury Look

Achieve the Luxury Look

Everyone has their own perception of luxury. When confronted with it, luxury in any circumstance is undeniable!  Styling a room around a statement piece is perhaps the easiest way to achieve an atmosphere of luxury. Statement pieces can function as the focus of a room’s design. If you carefully choose a piece, this is all you need to add luxury to your room.  Investing in a timeless piece that lasts is most certainly a great investment! Create a luxury style living room for you and your guests to enjoy with our style tips and furniture recommendations…

Fritz Hansen Favn Sofa

Fritz Hansen Favn Sofa

The main seating area for a luxurious living room should be aesthetically pleasing and should encourage relaxation. Designers Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen kept these principles of luxury at the forefront in the collaborative design and production of the Fritz Hansen Favn Sofa. Favn comes from the Danish word ‘omfavne’ which means to hug or embrace; the Fritz Hansen Favn Sofa does just that! Hayon’s signature rounded curves are featured in the Fritz Hansen Favn Sofa, inviting its occupant to relax in the famous Scandinavian furniture style that showcases minimalism and sophistication. The Fritz Hansen Favn Sofa is beautiful from any angle, a piece where luxury meets comfort!

Fritz Hansen Egg Chair

 Fritz Hansen Egg Chair

Speaking of a statement piece, here you can enhance your luxury living space with the Fritz Hansen Egg Chair. Designed by Arne Jacobsen, the Fritz Hansen Egg Chair is a most sought-after design classic. With its star base and swivel and tilt, the Fritz Hansen Egg Chair, especially in Walnut or Black Leather, commands attention and exudes luxury. The quality and craftsmanship of this piece lie within the design’s ability to cover a single Fritz Hansen Egg Chair in leather without adding an unwanted seam, each chair is handmade and requires 1,000 stitches!  Luxury at its finest!  

Louis Poulsen PH Snowball Pendant

 Louis Poulsen Snowball Pendant

Next up: Refined lighting for your space. The Louis Poulsen PH Snowball Pendant is designed to create a comfortable illumination while also serving as a luxury piece of art. Suspending the Louis Poulsen PH Snowball Pendant above your lounge area will certainly create a cozy atmosphere and achieve the effect of luxury-styled living. Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen serves the Scandinavian purpose of including function with design as he does with the Louis Poulsen PH Snowball Pendant. Every detail in the design serves a purpose to emit an attractive reflection, uniform light distribution, and that classic luxurious vibe. 

Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke Pendant

 Louis Poulsen Artichoke Pendant

Here we have paired our forementioned Fritz Hansen Egg Chair with the bold and luxurious Louis Poulsen Artichoke Pendant. The Louis Poulsen Artichoke Pendant provides a 100% glare-free light to illuminate your space, a great way to add luxury. This unique design will surely serve as a statement piece for your living area and a remarkable piece of art without compromising light quality or luxury ambience.

Buster + Punch Cabinet Medium

 Buster + Punch Sideboard medium

Buster + Punch Cabinet Medium

An important aspect of luxury is a piece that is unmistakably well-made.  Which is what the soft-close hinges and drawers provide in the Buster + Punch Cabinet Medium designed by Massimo Buster Minale does. Storage, customisation, peace of mind, functionality, and sophistication are all present with this piece. The Buster + Punch Cabinet Medium, adding nothing but luxury for your living space!

Buster + Punch Popstar Bar

 Buster + Punch Popstar Bar Black

There is nothing else like having a designated, functional area for leisure activity as this Buster + Punch Popstar Bar provides! Display your most prized bottle of whiskey and crystal drinkware against the silk back panel of this beautiful Buster + Punch Popstar Bar and drink’s cabinet. The warm light within the nook of the Buster + Punch Popstar Bar creates a wonderful ambiance.  The Buster + Punch Popstar Bar adds luxury to your living area while you serve your guests from the marble ‘mixing’ platform on top. Its striking appearance will certainly be a conversation starter at your next gathering!

Ethnicraft Stone Coffee Table - Dark Emperador

 Ethnicraft Stone Coffee Table

This Ethnicraft Stone Coffee Table in Dark Emperador, with its sleek frame and marble top, is the perfect blend between contemporary and luxury elements. A necessary piece for a common living area, the Ethnicraft Stone Coffee Table is a centerpiece in every sense of the word!  Whilst adding the classic element of luxury we want to achieve!

Ethnicraft Graphic TV Cupboard

 Ethnicraft Graphics Sideboard

The last offering you may want to consider when adding luxury pieces into your home is the Ethnicraft Graphic TV Cupboard.  The intricate design in the surface of this Ethnicraft Graphic TV Cupboard and sideboard exudes luxury and superiority. Designer Alain Van Havre combined layers of triangular shapes to create a visually enticing composition out of varnished teak, creating the Ethnicraft Graphic TV Cupboard. At the same time, this important living room piece provides functionality with a choice of two sizes, one with one flip down door and one drawer, and a larger size with two drawers and one flip down door. The designer added functional details as well, including holes in the back of the Ethnicraft Graphic TV Cupboard to pass cables through. Its distinct design invites conversation which lands this piece on our list for How to Achieve a Luxury Style!

We hope this gives you some inspiration when you look to add luxury pieces to your living area!  For these pieces and many more, you will find them all at Funktion Alley


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