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Choosing the Right Sofa Fabric

Choosing the Right Sofa Fabric

When purchasing a sofa, you might not put a lot of stock into what it is made of, especially if you’re just looking for something that will look appealing in your home! But if you want a quality sofa that will last, you’ll want to find the best sofa fabric that suits your lifestyle.  Fortunately, there are many sofa material types to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a fancy piece for a formal living room or a durable fabric that can withstand muddy dog paws, there is a sofa material out there for everyone!

Here are our top sofa choices and why one may suit your lifestyle over another:

Great for Pets and Kids!– STUA Costura Sofa Chaise Longue

Stua Costura

We love our kids, dogs, cats, husbands(!!), but we all know things can get a little messy at times. If you’re looking to buy a sofa that any kids or pets will use heavily, you’ll want fabrics that are durable and can withstand wear and tear.  Microfibre upholstery, such as a synthetic material blend with polyester, has higher durability and can more easily withstand stains and claw marks, so it’s great sofa material for pets and kids. Cotton can also be blended into these synthetic mixes for a sturdy weave that is more comfortable. 

The Costura will add some Mediterranean style to your living areas. STUA is synonymous with light design and the Costura sofa and easy chairs are no exception. The lightness in appearance is achieved by an internal frame which uses bent ply, this allows it to be strong but light. The legs can be placed into two positions either splayed forward or to the side. It comes in various colours and even though leather is probably a material you need to avoid, especially when exposed to sharp claws, teeth, or toys!  If your kids are a bit older, this sofa material may work for you.

Great for Allergies– Muuto Outline 3 Seater Sofa  -  Leather 

Muuto Outline Sofa

Speaking of leather!  The Muuto Outline 3 seater sofa could be the best shout if you or a family member suffer with allergies or certain fabrics irritate your skin.  Keep in mind that with any material, you will probably have to clean more often to reduce allergen build-up in your furniture.  However, leather sofas can be cleaned a lot more easily than the other fabric options. Even though a leather sofa can be more expensive, they tend to be far more classic, so therefore don’t go out of style quiet as fast as a fabric sofa for example.  

Even though a leather sofa can be more expensive, they tend to be far more classic, so therefore don’t go out of style

The Muuto Outline sofa is the latest offering designed by Norwegian duo Anderssen & Voll (formally of Norway Says). Made in Norway and upholstered in Denmark using Kvadrat fabrics. Muuto Outline is a quality sofa with simple architectural expression suitable for modern and period homes.  You can order your Muuto Outline Sofa in Refine Cognac Leather or Fiord 151 with a black base.

Mix of Both/Maintenance – Fritz Hansen Favn Sofa 

Perhaps you like the best of both worlds for your sofa choice!  That could mean a mixture of different materials, fabric and leather, or velvet for that matter!  You may also want a mixture of different colours too, if you are making a bold state with your sofa.  If you decide to go down this road with your sofa material, you may want to consider the maintenance involved in taking care of 2 or more fabrics.  Things like where you place your sofa may come into play too, as different materials may fade quicker than others.  Or with leather it may crack if it gets too much light and is not properly maintained.

Our recommendation for a multiple fabric sofa would be the Fritz Hansen Favn Sofa.  The Favn comes from the Danish word omfavne which means hug or embrace.  The beautiful sofa features Hayons signature rounded curves which invite you to relax.  The design aesthetics means the sofa is beautiful from any angle and have challenged the skilled upholsters and Fritz Hansen.  The Fritz Hansen Favn Sofa is available to order online in a range of christianshavn materials but can also combine up to three textiles to be more playful with the design.  The legs are made from brushed aluminium and come as standard with felt glides for delicate floors.

To maximise your space - Compact Style - Ferm Living Rico Sofa

Ferm Living Rico Sofa

For style and substance in those smaller, hard-to-design spaces, Ferm Living’s Rico collection is a major contender. Designed in Denmark and manufactured in the Veneto region of Italy, the series comprises lounge chairs, 2- and 3- seater sofas, plus a stylish divan. The craftsmen and women at the factory work exclusively by hand to upholster Ferm Living’s sofas, and their commitment and pride in their work is evident in the quality of each piece they produce.

The craftsmen and women at the factory work exclusively by hand to upholster Ferm Living’s sofas

The Rico series is defined by soft curves that welcome you into a warm embrace. The sturdiness of its frame contrasts with the softness of its upholstery. Choose timeless bouclé in off-white, sand or confetti. Woven of uneven yarn to achieve the rich, loopy texture of its surface, bouclé adds comfort and elegance to any room.

The style of sofa you buy may determine what fabric you choose.  Your lifestyle and the way you and your family use your space must be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the right sofa!  Finally, there are many different colours and patterns to choose from. Ideally, you want your sofa to match the style of your home. For example, a more contemporary look would have modest, solid, soft colours, whereas floral and textured prints are more traditional or regal.

Whatever you decide to go with, we hope we have been able to give you some great options! Check out our full range of sofas and armchairs here at Funktion Alley


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