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Don’t scrimp on the finishing touches

Don’t scrimp on the finishing touches

A lot of people are now choosing to do some home renovations or decorate a space that is looking a little tired as we all choose to stay at home this summer.  Planning for a renovation or decorating project can involve a lot of daunting numbers. Contractors, materials and cabinetry, appliances and fixtures all require wise choices when it comes creating and managing your budget. Often times we find that homeowners are great at budgeting for the build phase of the project, but then forget to plan for the final part, the finishing touches! It is this last step that truly transforms your home into the space you were envisioning in the first place. Instead of elevating your final design, underwhelming or inappropriate elements will detract from the look and leave you wondering why things just “don’t look right”.  Consider not scrimping on these final touches that really take your home to the next level.

It is this last step that truly transforms your home into the space you were envisioning in the first place.

London architect and industrial designer Massimo Buster Minale launched the Buster + Punch label in 2013.  His passion for making extraordinary products truly accessible, is seen in the range we carry here at Funktion Alley.  We have selected a wonderful piece from the Buster + Punch brand that will elevate any home décor project;


Buster and Punch Hooked pendant above a tableGood lighting is expensive, so many people do end up going to a larger shop that perhaps doesn’t specialise in lighting just to save a bit of money. However, when you do this in a custom space, you are essentially placing something that may stand out as looking cheap if you aren’t careful.  It could bring the overall look down, even if you have spent the money on making everything else right. Remember, lighting is lit sculpture and is therefore highly noticeable. We understand that it is an additional spend but trust us, it will be one of the first thing people mention when they come into your house! Good quality materials and designs make a huge difference in lighting and therefore is not a place to scrimp on.

Buster and Punch Hooked Pendant above a marble table

Buster + Punch Hooked Pendant light fixture can be used in numerous ways, it features three solid metal pendants with the diamond cut knurl, one nude, one with a small shade and one with a large shade. The ceiling rose has a hooked attachment which you loop the wire over so you can adjust the drop length and create a cascade setting the shades at different heights. The hooks can also be removed and reinstalled into your ceiling with an M5 wall plug. This allows you to hang the pendants above any furniture you wish.
We suggest the Buster bulb when using the pendant nude. Available in Steel, Brass and Smoked Bronze and shades in graphite or stone.

Le Klint 375 Table Lamp on work bench

If you are looking for table lighting, the 375 Table lamp (seen above) was launched by Le Klint to celebrate their 75th anniversary. This brand is also, very well established and classic pendants such as the 101, date back to 1944. A true testament to Le Klints design, skill and attention to detail. The shade (107) for this lamp was designed in 1942 by Esben Klint. The in-house design team has combined it with a light oak base with brass details. Available in two sizes the hand folded shade emits a soft light, creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, ideal as a bedside light or placed on a sideboard in the living or dining room.


Something else to consider is furniture.  It could be that it now no longer fits the new scale or look of your newly designed home.  Again, this is something to factor into your costings when you come to redecorate.  If you intend to make big changes, your furniture may look old and tired. If you decide to pick something that you intend to be the center pieces of your room, make sure you spend what you need to get that quality look and feel.  Not only will it make the room, but spending now on higher end furniture will mean that you won’t have to go out and replace them in a year when they wear out!  Selecting something that has been made to last is an investment.  Keep that in mind.

The STUA collection offers contemporary Scandinavian style furniture with a distinctly Mediterranean twist. Founded by Jesús Gasca and his son Jon Gasca, the brand is a leading Spanish creator of timeless interior products, such as designer tables and chairs.  STUA’s primary mission is “To improve the habitat in which we live, by refining our designs, and using recyclable components and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.” 


a pair of STUA Libera easy chairs

Libera is a new easy chair by Jesús and Jon Gasca.  The chair is characterised by its A frame legs that flow into the arm rest, the wood has been used generously and is contrast to the slim seat which seems to float between the legs.  Libera is tactile and light weight, as with the other chairs in STUA range it is set to become a new timeless classic.

Stua Libera Easy chair next to the Stua Solapa coffee table 60 x 60cm

Accessories and Fixtures

Similar to your existing furniture, you must consider whether your accessories and fixtures will support the new style of your home as well. These small details can undermine the success of a design, looking out of place or just plain wrong. Here is another area you really don’t want to scrimp on, they can make an entire project look cheap.  With regards to fixtures, it’s important to get these rights, especially when a brand-new kitchen can end up being a large spend.  Buster + Punch offer a range of fixtures, we particularly love this deign…

you must consider whether your accessories and fixtures will support the new style of your home...small details can undermine the success of a design

The Buster + Punch Furniture Knobs are sold in pairs and are made from solid brass and feature their signature, diamond-cut, cross knurl pattern and include solid metal plates featuring the penny screws. They work great on cabinet doors, wardrobe drawers, cupboards, kitchen units and are particular suitable for lighter weight doors and drawers and can be combined with the Pull Bar or T - Bar Handles. The plate version is particular suitable if you have holes from existing handles that need to be covered up.

Buster and Punch Furniture Knob Plate

Buster and Punch Furniture Knob plate on kitchen cabinet

Looking at accessories, a well-placed mirror can have a huge impact on a room.  Ferm Living are based in Copenhagen, and they work with artisans from around the world, bringing together Scandinavian design with traditional skills. 

Ferm Living Pond Mirror above Kitchen sink

The Pond Mirror from Ferm Living is based on the free-flowing movements of water, the result is a classic mirror with an organic reference, it will add light and organic references into your interior scheme.  Having just a couple of higher end pieces in your room can have a massive impact on the overall look and feel, less is more as the old saying goes!  You could end up spending the same amount of money on lots of smaller things that don’t look as expensive!  Invest in that statement piece. 

Made with a metal frame the mirror can be hung both vertically and horizontally so that you can find the perfect fit for the room.

Ferm Living Pond Mirror in Living room

In the end, what is the point of investing in a large renovation or new build project and not achieving the intended goal? The little details are central to the success of a space. Planning and budgeting for them ahead of time will ensure you get the look you are envisioning.  Here at Funktion Alley we understand this and are here to help you turn you space into a reality.  You can now once again visit us in store, or if you want to take a look at any of these products and many more visit…



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