New LYFA for Classic Design

New LYFA for Classic Design

At Funktion Alley, we strive for excellence and hand pick brands and designers that we know lead the way in style, craftsmanship and beauty.  It’s so important to offer you the very best our industry can produce.  We are very proud and excited to announce a new brand to add to the Funktion Alley family; LYFA.

LYFA is a visionary home of iconic classics from some of Denmark’s most influential lighting designers. LYFA’S enduring designs explore and enhance good lighting in all its shapes and facets.  The LYFA collection is founded on pure aesthetics and a purposeful design philosophy shaped by decades of dedicated craftsmanship and captivating lighting designs. The design classics are crafted to impeccable quality standards and offer light arrangements for every home, occasion and situation.

LYFA Divan Pendant Brass

With great respect for the original designs, the new LYFA collection includes a versatile range of floor, table, wall and ceiling lamps. Dimensions and materials have been thoughtfully updated to complement contemporary and sustainable living. Their belief that light is the ingredient that influences everything and aim to create the ideal lighting experience through thoughtful design and high-quality materials, is one of the many reasons we have chosen to offer you, their range.  We share their philosophy and are very much looking forward to working together!

Designed in 1968 by Sven Middelboe the Verona pendant is regarded as one of the most iconic pendants in Middelboe’s wide range of lighting designs. He had a business degree, but design became his chosen path – and lighting his speciality. In the late 1940s, he had his own company as a lighting manufacturer together with the renowned designer and architect, Jørn Utzon.

The Verona pendant is a great example of his functionalist design philosophy.  The eight shades are designed so there are no visible suspensions between them making it appear as if they are floating in air. The pendant provides soft illumination that is easy on the eyes. The simple ingenuity and clean lines have made the Verona pendant a genuine classic that is every bit as appealing today as it was four decades ago.

LYFA Verona Pendant


Was designed by Simon P. Henningsen (son of legendary designer Poul Henningsen) in 1962 for the famous Divan 2 restaurant in the Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen; where in 1948, Simon had succeeded his father in becoming chief architect.

LYFA Divan 2 Pendant

This captivating pendant made of carefully positioned trapezoids is mirrored on the outside and multicoloured on the inside.  The mirrored surfaces were designed to catch the light from the colourful exterior lighting and the lake. When it was time for the famous Tivoli fireworks, the pendants inside the restaurant would dim, and ascended towards the ceiling to allow guests an unobscured view of the show.

When it was time for the famous Tivoli fireworks, the pendants inside the restaurant would dim, and ascended towards the ceiling

The success of the DIVAN 2 went well beyond Copenhagen’s Tivoli amusement park as LYFA started producing the lamp for the general public.  The pendant was later bestowed with several Danish and international awards and was exhibited at the Louvre in Paris.

Was designed by Bent Karlby in 1971 however it looks somewhat different today than it did in 70’s.  In keeping with the space age inspiration of the error the original Ergo lamps were made from plastic in popping colours such bright green and orange.

LYFA Ergo Table Light

Today those have given way to a more subtle timeless expression. It is made from a 3-layered opal glass core and a coloured glass shade in either sand or Grey. The base is Walnut or Oak. Ergo brings ambient lighting and plenty of character wherever it’s placed

LYFA Ergo pendant


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