Putting Design To One Side

Putting Design To One Side

Though sideboards were originally created as additional serving surfaces for dining rooms, as larger stately homes had kitchens that were normally located at the other end of a house. It made sense to be able to serve hot food in the dining room instead of bringing things from one end of a home to the other and run the risk of things getting cold (think Downton Abbey!).  Since then, they’ve certainly come a long way and can be seen in most homes and most rooms for that matter.  We’re totally convinced that they’re one of the most useful pieces around and can be used in a variety of ways and have multiple purposes. Thanks to their wide-ranging styles and versatile functionality, they make a great addition to every room of the house. See how they shine in other spaces not just the conventional places, they work in bedrooms, offices, and beyond…

In your bedroom

Northern Hifive cabinet

Dressers tend to be the go-to storage solution for most bedrooms, but a sideboard can tuck into low-slung spaces such as under a window while still giving you plenty of places to stash your stuff. Many include a combo of drawers (for socks and underwear) and adjustable shelves (for jeans, shirts, and jumpers), and all provide a pretty surface for displaying books, photos, and trinkets!  The Northern Hifive Cabinet is the coolest of cabinets and has a nostalgic character. It can also be wall mounted if space is an issue, making this a unique and versatile sideboard. It features two open modules and one larger fitted with a tambour door. Made from veneered oak and available in three colours with a black base. 

The Northern Hifive Cabinet is the coolest of cabinets and has a nostalgic character.


In your living room
When it comes to your family living area, the sideboard can function in a million-and-one ways. One of the most common uses?  To set your TV on top and hide your electronic equipment within!  A handy place for books, pictures, flowers etc. You could even arrange it back-to-back with a “floating” couch (one that’s not flush against a wall) in an open-plan room to help define multiple spaces. Or place it under a hanging mirror or painting to create a stylish statement piece that brings a living room to life.

The String Shelving System was designed by Nisse Strinning in 1949 and has since become a Swedish design classic.  It allows you to build your own shelving system making this sideboard a great option for a living room.  Configure your own shelving system and then choose from a range of colours too.  This sideboard gives you the choice to get really creative!

String Shelving sideboard

In your office

Gone are those days of standard ugly filing cabinets. Bring on the sideboard instead! Most of us have spent the majority of this year working from home offices, these spaces have become just a vital as the rest of the house.  It’s time to let them shine too!  Let’s show the same love for our workspaces as we do for the rest of our homes. Crafted from solid FSC approved oak hardwood, this sideboard by Ethnicraft has several configurations with drawers and doors as well as a shelf: creating plenty of storage, great for displaying items and better yet organising home office clutter!  The Ethnicraft Blackbird Sideboard can be purchased in Blackbird or Whitebird and would be a functional yet stylish addition to any home office whatever your décor choice.

Ethnicraft Blackbird Sidebaord

In your hallway

Last but not least, a sometimes-forgotten space in your home…the hallway.  Hallways are often the no-man’s-land of home design: neglected spaces that receive a painting on the wall, maybe! If yours is one of these spaces, why not invest in a sideboard that allows for storage too.  This will make your hallway look loved and cared for like the rest of your home but can also moonlight as storage for clean sheets and towels!

Hallways are often the no-man’s-land of home design: neglected spaces that receive a painting on the wall, maybe!

Ferm have come up with the perfect sideboard for your hallway, the Ferm Living Haze Sideboard – Reeded Glass.  The Haze Sideboard is made from powder coated metal and reeded glass. The glass doors give a hint to the contents within and closes seamlessly and quietly with magnetic catches. Inside is a powder coated metal shelves. Available in black and cashmere.

It just goes to show that a well-placed sideboard can really make a big difference to any room you choose to have one in.  Take a break from convention make your sideboard the most practical piece of furniture in your home, in whatever room, with one of these great choices all available now at Funktion Alley!

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