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Sitting Pretty - More than a Dining Chair

Sitting Pretty - More than a Dining Chair

Choosing a dining chair that will accentuate your room design doesn’t have to stop at a simple, run of the mill chair.  The dining chair market has more options than ever before and, in some dining room spaces, a simple chair doesn’t always cut it!  An accent chair could be just the answer to add that extra something you are looking for in your dining room.  It doesn’t even have to end in the dining room!  There are some wonderful, versatile options out there that would add a splash or colour or texture in other areas of your house that could be lacking.  Whilst also being functional!  Here are some helpful tips on what you should look for in a dining come accent chair;

An accent chair could be just the answer to add that extra something you are looking for in your dining room.

First question: how do you intend to use your new accent chair? Will it fill that empty slot in the master bedroom, provide a comfy reading nook in the living room, be moved from place to place to accommodate visitors or simply be using as your dining room chairs? What kind of room will it occupy? How much use will it get? How would you like it to fit with your present furnishings? Should it take a back seat to the other pieces, or do you want to make it the “star of the room?”  All very valid, all worth thinking about before you make your purchase.  If you intend to use your new easy/accent chairs as dining room chairs you need to bear in mind the material. 

Don’t forget, sticky hands don’t mix when your chair is made of a material that can’t be washed for example.  So, in this case, perhaps an easy chair that you can add soft furnishings to if you are wanting a splash of colour but know you will need to wash them at some point!  A very good option would be the Muuto Cover Chair.  It comes in a variety of colours, so if this is a chair that will get a lot of use and you didn’t want to add any sort of soft furnishing, you could choose your colour and have the ability to wipe down if needs be! 

muuto cover chair in oak

Muuto cover chair arm detail

The Muuto cover chair designed by Thomas Bentzen uses the process of steam bending wooden components to create the back and arm covers. These act as comfort but also hold the chair together. This modern working of the traditional wooden armchair creates a light chair with strong personality.  Available in several colours and natural oak, can also be upholstered.

This modern working of the traditional wooden armchair creates a light chair with strong personality.

Colour and Pattern
This is where you can let your imagination go to town! Choose a shade that matches your current décor or select one that brings an entirely new color to the party. Consider a blue accent chair for an exciting and modern look in a room of light browns and beiges. Chairs in shades of brown are always classic, but think about how black, white, or even red might look. You can choose a color that will match your artwork, a lamp, or your knickknacks.  Patterns today are almost unlimited in possibility, from eye-dazzling geometric designs to a subtle monochrome. If you already have a lot of pattern in your room, you might want to consider a solid color. You could even consider changing just the fixtures, like the legs if you didn’t want to go too bold!

Gubi Beetle chair velvet

An option that would be perfect for a dining room, as an accent in a bedroom or even in a hallway to add another element to your décor.  The Gubi Beetle Chair Conic Base – Velvet.  It comes in a massive 22 colours and has the option to change the leg finish and colour but also the pining too.

The Beetle chair by GamFratesi takes its inspiration from the insect world, it has a smooth outer shell and a curved seat and back. Made from matte polypropylene the chair is light in appearance but offer a generous seat and back. The Velvet version is up holstered in pure cotton Veletto velvet for a luxurious exclusive finish which you can mix and match according to your interior. The chair can be piped in matching or contrast leather fabric. The base can be either black or one of four metalized colours. 

Gubi Beetle Chair Velvet

Do you have traditional taste?  Or are you more contemporary?  What type of home do you have?  Is it a modern loft or a 1920’s semi?  All very relevant and all will factor into your choice of accent chair.  There are some pieces that truly fit into any space, that are classic, yet have a modern feel.  One of those pieces is the Ethnicraft Bok Chair.  Designed by Alain van Havre it's combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary minimalist design creates a timeless piece suitable for most interiors. The curved back is carved from solid oak giving the Bok a striking appearance. Available in black, teak or natural oak

A combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary minimalist design creates a timeless piece suitable for most interiors.

Ethnicraft Bok Chair Oak

Similarly, the Stua Laclasica Chair, this dining chair is a wooden chair of timeless design. Utilising 3D moulded technology STUA have created a chair with curves that mimic the human body and offers fantastic lumbar support. The chair is supplied with a new glide system including felt for delicate floors and plastic for hard floors. The caps can be changed at any time. Available in several ash finishes. With the Stain finishes the grain of the ash is still visible while the lacquer finish it is completely covered.

STUA Laclasica Chair

Life seems so much more effortless and enjoyable when you’re lounging in right chair. We hope part two of ‘Sitting Pretty’ helps you choose the right dining cair chair for your home this year!




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