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Store in Style - Make the Most of your Walls.

Store in Style - Make the Most of your Walls.

When square footage is at a premium, it can feel as though storage solutions will only present themselves with the assistance of magic, if you don't want to get rid of all your stuff, that is! But thanks to cleaver wall storage, no wands or wizards are needed!  Using some simple tricks, you can free up much needed space, whilst making a statement.  Taking full advantage of all the wall space around you, can make a huge difference, not only to the amount of space you gain but the beautiful looks you can achieve using well placed wall storage.

Here are some suggestions where wall storage can be of most use;

Home Office

With most of us having spent at least some part of the lockdown working in our home offices, it may be the best place wall storage can serve the most purpose!  Some of us may not have had the space for our home offices, so have had to make do with a little corner of the house!  Using shelving seems like the most obvious way to go.  Shelving can be stylish!  Using multiple shelves and not just storing clutter, can really impact the whole space.

The Muuto Folded designed by Johan Van Hengel is created as a play on layers and shadows. The simply folded form creates pockets for you to display and organise your belongings. Each shelf is also supplied with two black metal hooks for additional storage. Available in four colours and three sizes.

Muuto Folded Shelves


Often the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is probably the best place to use wall storage to make the most of the floor space you’re left with.  Again, making conscious design choices, will see your shelving bring style to your bathroom, rather than clutter.  Why not consider using pretty storage containers, or buy soap and the like that match the colour or theme of your bathroom?

New for 2020 a reworking of Nisse Strinnings' contemporary classic pocket shelf which was designed in 2010. The smallest of the string systems this package containing two end panels and three shelves is now avail be in perforated metal. The holes allow you to use the range of String+ items to accessories the shelf making it a more versatile in bathrooms.

String Pocket metal Bathroom


Another area that will see a huge benefit to wall storage is the kitchen.  Utensils, pots, pans, glasses, etc. should be easy to access but not make the room feel small and messy.  Using multifunctional wall storage can see you store a number of items.  Again, if you double up on the shelving, you can get twice the number of things on them!

This light storage solution for your kitchen tools and tea towels can be mounted to the wall or the side of a kitchen cupboard. Easy to install and supplied with six hooks you can mix and match the items you hang on the rod it is easy to remove or ad more hooks as needed. The kitchen rod is made of metal with a black coating and comes with six black hooks.

Ferm Living Kitchen Rod

Entry Hall

Lastly, one of the most cluttered parts of the house is the entry hall!  With everyone kicking their shoes off as they enter.  Chucking keys and wallet anywhere as you come in the door, what a mess!  And not the greatest first impression as people walk into your home!  Having somewhere to hang your keys and storage smaller items is a great way to not only sort out mess but it ensures you never lose your keys again!  Most of us don’t have much room in this area, so wall storage is a must.

When we come home and remove our coats and empty our pockets of keys and other small items. Make this your new daily ritual!  Nest is quick and easy storage which helps keep those things in one place. The holder is sized to contain urban essentials such as keys, change, tokens and cards etc. while the hook is sized for hanging coats, scarves and decorative objects. Available in black or white so easy to match to interiors.

Northern Nest Coat Hook

Incorporate cleaver and simple wall storage into your home today and enjoy more space, more style and more compliments!

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