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Update your Kitchen with String Furniture

Update your Kitchen with String Furniture

One of the upsides to spending so much time indoors, due to the Covid restrictions and current lockdown is we’ve all had more time to dedicate to home improvements.  Home extensions for example have jumped a massive 52% in the last year, needing more working space is a huge factor for most people’s decisions to add to their homes in this way.  However, there are ways to add value to your home and not have to spend tens of thousands on extensions.   Estate agents are in agreement that kitchens and bathrooms are key rooms in the home.  A light and airy kitchen really makes a difference when it comes to first impressions!  To put it in simple numbers and as a rough guide, a new kitchen can add between 5% and 15% to the value of your home. That’s a fairly broad range, admittedly. But, but by most conservative estimates, you are typically looking at a figure of around 6%-8% ‘added value’ from a new kitchen!  Adding some statement pieces can really change your entire kitchen, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth!  Here’s are a few of those pieces we LOVE;

String Furniture Kitchen System


Changing your cabinets can have a big impact on the overall look of your kitchen.  String Furniture have just released their new 2021 range of swing door cabinets.  The cabinets are not only visually pleasing but also gives you a lot of extra storage. The door can be mounted on either side of the cabinet, so can fit into any space. With 7 different colours in the range, it gives you the option to choose something to suit all tastes.  It also allows you to rethink layout, perhaps changing your cabinets gives the appearance of more space, and when one of the most important rooms is your kitchen, extra space is a must!


Cork Bottle Tray, Cork Dividers and Organizers 

Even a very minor change can make your kitchen look more expensive!  Consider adding accessories to your space, they’re not only useable and practical but makes your kitchen more luxurious and let’s face it displaying your wine makes for easy access!  The bottle tray in cork is part of Strings range of accessories and fits together with 30 cm deep metal shelves from String® System. A metal shelf with width 58 cm can fit three bottle trays and a metal shelf with width 78 cm can fit four.  

The divider in cork is part of Strings range of accessories and is a great help in the kitchen. Place them on top of the underlays in cork to create separate compartments on your metal shelves. 

The plate racks are created to offer a complete kitchen solution. Position the plates either sideways or facing forward. Strings range of plate racks can house more than plates, for instance cutting boards or trays. It will be available in two depths, 30 cm and 20 cm, and sold in a 2-pack. 


Again, adding something simple like shelving to your kitchen, gives you some extra storage but if you chose a different colour, it can be an interesting style feature, that makes your kitchen stand out from the rest!  String® Pocket is sold as a complete shelf but is equally flexible as String® System. In 2021 String also introduced the new color Sage to their collection. For String® Pocket Sage you will find the panels in a fine texture coating. 

Consider using String Furnitures accessories to add impact to your kitchen and create a beautiful space that can increase the value of your home!  Make 2021 the year that you decide to upgrade and make your kitchen a great space to spend your lockdown in!

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