So you have chosen the lamp that you like, now it’s time to choose the right light bulb.  Now the real work begins and things are going to get technical.  When we asked the sales manager at one of our suppliers how much light a lamp gave out, he replied;

‘Non! Only the bit you screw in the end does that’.  Of course he is right, but that’s pretty unhelpful.  

Here are a few things you are going to need to know:

Wattage - (W) Power used. This will effect how much it's going to cost to the run the light. It is not a measure of light output. Higher the watts = more power used.

Lumen - (Lm) This is light output, more lumen = more light.

Kelvin - (K) This is a reference to colour. Different bulbs have a different colour from very orange (like a match) to bright white or blue (daylight), more kelvin = colder (blue) light

So what do you need? That all depends on where and what the lamp is for.

Decorative Lighting - So you have additional lighting in the room and your new lighting is just for decoration or very low mood lighting.  We would recommend around 150-300 lumen, colour is up to you but if used late in the evening then go pretty low 2400-2700k, this is soft warm light, you don’t want to feel like you are sitting in a waiting room.

Our Bright Sprout pendant comes with a 40w bulb giving 160lm at 2700k.

Bright sprout

General Lighting -  Lighting for living or dining areas (floor, wall, table lights and pendant over tables or kitchen islands) need to give usable light but tend not to be the only light source .  400-750 lumen should serve well and colour around 2700k — 3000k.  Kelvin is a matter of preference however this is based on our experience, most of our showroom customers prefer a warmer colour about 2700k. 

Our Northern Lighting Acorn pendant is supplied with a 48w Globe cover giving 737lm, if this is too high the G9 can easily be replaced for a lower wattage to achieve 400-500lm.

Northern lighting acorn pendant

Task Lighting - Desk lights, main lights in work areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms.  

Depending on how close the light source will be to the point which needs to be illuminated (i.e book or kitchen worktop).  Lumens of about 700 - 1000 should be fine and colour normally around 3000k. LED is particularly good for this, because LED light sources have better light output (lumen) to wattage (power). 

The Westberg w154 Pal task light is made with an in built 8w LED light source providing 824lm at 3000k.

Wastberg W154

This is a very small and limited introduction to selecting a light bulb. The reason being is that over the years we have realised that most customers just want to know what will work, they are not looking for a lesson in technical lighting jargon. 

With this in mind whenever you see this symbol on our site or in-store we will send you the right of charge.

light bulb