String Pocket Copper - Heavy Metal

Copper as a trend has been around for a while and doesn't look to be going anywhere for a while however in addition to this we’ve noticed that several suppliers are creating their product in other heavy metals as well.

This looks to be part of a wider trend of making the material part of the very essence of the design and probably has been a result of the resurgence of craft design.  Due to the financial crash and continued concerns for the environment, customers and producers seem to be looking more towards longevity and timelessness, and one way to do this is to concentrate on quality materials which will never go out of fashion.

We recently received a visit from the head of sales at Magis who said they have seen a shift from the plastic chair to other materials.  Magis in particular have been busy with new launches from what some might describe as old materials.  The Officina table range designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec is made from wrought iron with tops in various woods and even steel.  Using the material and its processes to dictate the design has created a range which its own visual language, although geometric the surface is of each is unique and random.

While most lighting producers were creating shiny or brushed copper pendants the Norwegian Mood Makers Northern Lighting decided to go down a different route when creating Evergreen by Vibeke Skar and Jens Praet in a treated copper finish which again meant each item was unique.  If a more refined look is your thing they have now they launched it in Brass.

Last year Danish ceramic producer Kahler launched a limited edition of their popular  stripped Vase Omaggio with gold lacquer. This proved so popular that it almost brought Copenhagen to a standstill.  This year they have opted for a Silver or Mirror finish which is due out in May.

Magis Bombo the original  Kahler omaggio vase - silver Light years orient pendant light 
Magis steelwood chair walnut Bell plus pendant light copper and oak Architect Made trespas candle holders
Northern lighting evergreen pendant light Magis Officina table String pocket shelf copper