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  1. New Season Colours of Dokka

    This season Northern  adds three new colours to Dokka' repertoire.

    Dokka Pendant designed by Birger Dahl is already available in black, dark grey and white, whoever this iconic mid-century design has expanded its colour palette to include light yellow, rust red and dark green. With nuances of warm sand, fiery terracotta and lush landscapes, the new colours offer a harmonious balance of rich tones and neutral tints.

  2. Pendants for Low Ceilings

    We hear this time and again, customers come into the showroom and get inspired by the pendants but are then disappointed because they have low ceilings and think that a pendant won’t look right with a short drop.  Undoubtedly this is a fair concern and they are correct they can look strange with a short drop.

    Below we have put together some suggestions so you can make the the most of your pendant light fittings...even if you have low ceilings.

  3. Choosing the Best Bedside Light

    The nights are now at there longest and if you are anything like me, it gets to 8pm, its already been dark for 4 hours, and you are thinking is it too early for bed?  Don’t even talk to me about the mornings, 7.30 feels like the middle of the night.

    During these long nights, electric light becomes more important than ever.  We are focusing on bedside lights that are not only stylish but also practical. When it comes to selecting the right one you need to consider several things, and of course if you have a partner you may well need two,  but you and your partners needs might be very different.

  4. How to set a table for any occasion

    Everyone loves a good dinner party, whether it's an impromptu family gathering or a formal meal for friends or colleagues. Planning what to serve, shopping for ingredients, choosing wine and cooking are all time-consuming. Considering the table setting can often take second place to other preparations, yet it's a detail that you shouldn't overlook. A beautifully set table really can make a difference and if you follow our simple tips, you're guaranteed to get it right.

  5. The Best Picks From the London Design Festival

    Last week was the UK's premier design event, we went along to catch up with old friends and maybe make some new ones.  We have put together a collection of the best bits from the event which was spread all across London and included Design Junction at Blackfriars, London Design Fair on Brick Lane and 100% Design at the Olympia.

  6. Ethnicraft celebrate their roots

    Ethnicraft have created an interesting new premium range of teak furniture inspired by their first collection which had its roots in Africa.  The ancestors Tabwa collection features hand carved teak panels with geometric patterns favoured by the Tabwa people who lived in small villages scattered across the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  7. 4 Easy Ways to Revamp your Bathroom

    Home renovations are a great way to breathe new life and energy into your home.  They are also a great way to spend a small fortune!  Making a few small changes, however, can have a big impact.  You don’t have to re do your entire bathroom to give it a facelift!  We have 4 small, very effective solutions to turn your old bathroom into a brand new one!

  8. Everything you need to be ready for summer!

    With a corker of a bank holiday under our belts already, let’s hope this is the start of what’s to come this summer!  Us Brits really do make the most of the good weather, when we get it!  Maybe that’s why we keep our fingers crossed each year that we will get some sunshine for longer than just a weekend.  We like to live in hope that this will be the year!  BBQ’s, garden parties, whatever your thing may be, here’s our optimistic, hopeful guide to a stylish scorcher of a summer!

  9. Stylish Coffee Tables and How to Make the Most of Your Choice – Part 2

    In part one of this blog, we gave you some coffee table suggestions and ideas that would be not only practical and work for you but also enhance your home décor.  Part two is all out styling!  We believe that with three simple ideas, we will address style and functionality all in one.  Its very easy to fall into the trap of over complicating style, to go way over the top and things end up looking messy rather than classy!  So, sit back, put your feet up (not on the coffee table!!) and relax, here’s our simple guide to coffee table styling;

  10. Stylish Coffee Tables and How to Make the Most of Your Choice – Part 1

    A coffee table is the centrepiece to every living room.  Their whole purpose, after all, is to sit right in the middle of the room!  More often than not, they are simply forgotten when it comes to decorating.  You sit it in your living room and somehow it becomes a dumping ground for clutter.  Or a handy foot rest!  Styling your coffee table in the right way, can do so much for the overall look of your living room.  It can bring together pictures, colours, fabrics, the list is endless.  It can have a huge impact on your home décor.


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