Cupboards and Shelves

The range of Cupboards and Shelves by Ethnicraft will help you make the most of your space if you are looking for additional storage anywhere in the home. They can be combined with other items in the Ethnicraft range for co ordinated look.  The range also contains the Ethnicrafts TV Cupboards
The Blackbird storage cupboard and Nordic racks combine open shelves with hidden storage if you have need for both display and storage.
Click the items below for more information on Ethnicraft Cupboards. Funktion Alley provide free two man deliveries for large furniture item.


21 Items

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  1. Ethnicraft Blackbird Storage Cupboard

    Ethnicraft Blackbird Storage Cupboard

  2. Ethnicraft Whitebird Storage Cupboard

    Ethnicraft Whitebird Storage Cupboard

  3. Ethnicraft Blackbird TV Cupboard

    Ethnicraft Blackbird TV Cupboard

  4. Ethnicraft Whitebird TV cupboard

    Ethnicraft Whitebird TV Cupboard

  5. Shadow Storage Cupboard

    Ethnicraft Shadow Storage Cupboard

  6. Shadow TV Cupboard

    Ethnicraft Shadow TV Cupboard

    From £1,419.00
    • +2 Sizes
  7. Ethnicraft Shadow Chest of Drawers

    Ethnicraft Shadow Chest of Drawers

  8. Ethnicraft Nordic TV Cupboard

    Ethnicraft Nordic TV Cupboard

    From £1,319.00
    • +2 Sizes
  9. Ethnicraft Z Rack

    Ethnicraft Z Rack

    From £1,949.00
    • +2 Sizes
  10. Ethnicraft M Rack

    Ethnicraft M Rack

    From £1,089.00
    • +2 Sizes
  11. Ethnicraft Rise Rack

    Ethnicraft Rise Rack

  12. Ethnicraft Blackbird Rack

    Ethnicraft Blackbird Rack

  13. Ethnicraft Graphic TV Cupboard

    Ethnicraft Graphic TV Cupboard

    From £1,819.00
    • +2 Sizes
  14. Ethnicraft Teak Mosaic TV Cupboard

    Ethnicraft Teak Mosaic TV Cupboard

  15. Ethnicraft Wave Sideboard

    Ethnicraft Wave TV Cupboard

  16. Ethnicraft Monolit TV Cupboard

    Ethnicraft Monolit TV Cupboard

    From £1,299.00
    • +2 Colours
  17. Ethnicraft Abstract Column

    Ethnicraft Abstract Column

  18. Ethnicraft Studio Teak Rack

    Ethnicraft Studio Teak Rack

  19. Ethnicraft Oak Stairs Column

    Ethnicraft Oak Stairs Column

  20. Ethnicraft Ligna TV Cupboard - Black

    Ethnicraft Ligna TV Cupboard - Black

    From £1,499.00
    • +2 Sizes
  21. Ethnicraft Ancestors Tabwa TV Cupboard

    Ethnicraft Ancestors Tabwa TV Cupboard

    From £1,799.00
    • +2 Sizes
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