FableWood is a Danish design brand that was the brain child of Kristian Sidelmann he wanted to design a toy that a his one year old could assemble, have fun and be creative. 
What resulted was a the FableWood collection of magnetic animals.

Each animal consists of between 2-6 parts which can be swapped between animals; disassembled and reassemble in a 3 dimensional puzzle for all ages. The animals are safe for children to play with, meeting the safety standards put forward by the Danish Safety Technology Authority and European Union, CE approved for children 1+ .

In addition to safety FableWood have also considered their environmental and social responsibilities, and have partnered with the Eden Reforestation project. For every animal purchased 5 trees are planted, to date over 150,000 trees have already been planted thanks to the customers of FableWood


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  1. FableWood Gorilla

    FableWood Gorilla

  2. FableWood Crocodile

    FableWood Crocodile

  3. FableWood Bear

    FableWood Bear

  4. FableWood Duck

    FableWood Duck

  5. FableWood Duckling

    FableWood Duckling

  6. FableWood Little Crocodile

    FableWood Little Crocodile

  7. FableWood Little Bear

    FableWood Little Bear

  8. FableWood Little Rhino

    FableWood Little Rhino

  9. FableWood Little Bull

    FableWood Little Bull

  10. FableWood Little Elephant

    FableWood Little Elephant

  11. FableWood Bull

    FableWood Bull

  12. FableWood Mother Elephant

    FableWood Mother Elephant

  13. FableWood Father Elephant

    FableWood Father Elephant

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