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We are please to offer the range of industrial style lighting by Konsthantverk. Konsthantverk (translated handcraft) have been making lamps in Skane, Sweden for nearly 100 years. They specialise in unique finishes such as the iron oxide on the lamp Kavaljer, the glass work is produced in the Rosdala factory which is steeped in history and glass making tradition.  With Konsthanverk you buying an heirloom piece to cherish for years.

To view more options of the range of wall, floor and pendant lights please click the images below.
Each lamp is made to order please allow approximately four weeks for delivery.


10 Items

  1. Konsthantverk December Table Light

    Konsthantverk December Table Light

    From £457.00
    • +3 Colours
  2. Konsthantverk Viken Floor Light

    Konsthantverk Viken Floor Light

  3. Konsthantverk Kavaljer Pendant Large

    Konsthantverk Kavaljer Pendant

    From £372.00
    • +3 Colours
    • +2 Sizes
  4. Konsthantverk Stav Pendant

    Konsthantverk Stav Pendant

  5. Konsthantverk Stav Pendant XL

    Konsthantverk Stav Pendant XL

  6. Konsthantverk Fenomen Small Pendant

    Konsthantverk Fenomen Small Pendant

    From £586.00
    • +2 Colours
  7. Konsthantverk Fenomen Wide Pendant

    Konsthantverk Fenomen Wide Pendant

    From £684.00
    • +2 Colours
  8. Konsthantverk Fenomen Large Pendant

    Konsthantverk Fenomen Large Pendant

    From £703.00
    • +2 Colours
  9. Konsthantverk Rosdala Pendant Light

    Konsthantverk Rosdala Pendant Light

    From £577.00
    • +4 Colours
    • +2 Sizes
  10. Konsthantverk Sol Wall Light

    Konsthantverk Sol Wall Light

    From £693.00
    • +2 Sizes
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