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Kristina Dam Studio

Kristina Dam call their design approach "Sculptural Minimalism". Designs by Kristina Dam Studio are graphic and architectural with a high level of details and excellent craftsmanship. Furniture from Kristina Dam Studio are mostly made from natural materials. They share the belief that mastering the monochromatic palette enable them to create timeless and enduring designs.


The idea of making art and interior design merge, both in furniture and accessories were always at the forefront of their minds.  Today Kristina Dam Studio has developed into a design powerhouse of furniture and accessories. Two collections are launched every year.  Every piece is made from strong materials ensuring longevity and durability. Sophisticated, aesthetically beautiful and easy to fit into any space or home.


13 Items

  1. Kristina Dam Opal Bowl - Large

    Kristina Dam Opal Bowl - Large

    From £210.00
    • +2 Colours
  2. Kristina Dam Curved Side Table

    Kristina Dam Curved Side Table

    From £340.00
    • +2 Colours
  3. Kristina Dam Curved Bench

    Kristina Dam Curved Bench

    From £990.00
    • +2 Colours
  4. Kristina Dam Stool

    Kristina Dam Stool

    From £280.00
    • +3 Colours
  5. Kristina Dam Table

    Kristina Dam Table

    From £380.00
    • +3 Colours
  6. Kristina Dam XL Table

    Kristina Dam XL Table

    From £680.00
    • +3 Colours
  7. Kristina Dam Grid Cabinet

    Kristina Dam Grid Cabinet

    From £1,990.00
    • +2 Colours
  8. Kristina Dam Grid Sideboard

    Kristina Dam Grid Sideboard

    From £2,190.00
    • +2 Colours
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