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Lind DNA

Lind DNA at Funktion Alley provides a range of small furnishings and accessories predominately produced in a unique recycled leather material. Scrap leather from the fashion and furniture industry is grained and mixed with natural rubber and water to produce a material which has a natural feel and aesthetic of leather but with added durability. This unique material is therefore highly sustainable.  The Lind DNA designers are sisters Bine and Mia, the company was founded by the sisters and their father Preben Lind, production takes place using traditional craftsmen in Denmark. Please feel free to browse the collection below for more detailed descriptions of the products that Funktion Alley offer from Lind DNA.


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  1. Lind DNA glass mat

    Lind DNA Curve Glass Mat

    From £3.50
    • +6 Colours
  2. Lind DNA Curve Table Mats Leather

    Lind DNA Curve Table Mat

    From £18.00
    • +6 Colours
  3. Lind DNA Curve Coffee Table - Leather

    Lind DNA Curve Coffee Table - Leather

    From £169.00
    • +3 Colours
  4. Lind DNA Curve Coffee Table - Wood

    Lind DNA Curve Coffee Table - Wood

    From £199.00
    • +2 Colours
  5. Lind DNA container

    Lind DNA Container

    From £200.00
    • +9 Colours
  6. Lind DNA Curve Table

    Lind DNA Curve Table

    From £245.00
    • +3 Colours
    • +2 Sizes
  7. Lind DNA curve table double

    Lind DNA Curve Table Double

    From £363.00
    • +3 Colours
    • +2 Sizes
  8. Lind DNA Console Table

    Lind DNA Console Table

    From £362.00
    • +2 Colours
  9. Lind DNA Console Table - Storage

    Lind DNA Console Table - Storage

    From £453.00
    • +2 Colours
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