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Founded in 2017 by Sofie Refer, Nadia Lassen and Peter Østerberg. Nuura offers lighting collections suitable for domestic and public spaces. Combining thoughtful design with state of the art technology, to create unique quality lighting that enhance interiors. True to their Scandinavian roots they choose materials of the highest quality such as mouth blown glass and employ classic timeless design. Nuura offers wall, ceiling and table light collections so you can match the lighting at various levels across the room. Click on the images below to see more details and options of the Nuura lighting collection

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  1. Nuura Blossi Wall Light

    Nuura Blossi Wall Light

    From £429.00
    • +2 Colours
  2. Nuura Anoli Pendant Light

    Nuura Anoli Pendant Light

    From £329.00
    • +2 Colours
    • +2 Sizes
  3. Nuura Liila Wall Light

    Nuura Liila Wall Light

    From £239.00
    • +4 Colours
    • +2 Sizes
  4. Nuura Miira Wall Light opic

    Nuura Miira Wall Light

    From £299.00
    • +4 Colours
  5. Nuura Lighting Miira Pendant one

    Nuura Miira Pendant Light

    From £299.00
    • +4 Colours
  6. Nuura Miira Table Light

    Nuura Miira Table Light

    From £319.00
    • +4 Colours
  7. Nuura Miira 4 Pendant Light

    Nuura Miira 4 Pendant Light

    From £829.00
    • +4 Colours
  8. Nuura Anoli 3 Pendant Light

    Nuura Anoli 3 Pendant Light

    From £1,119.00
    • +2 Colours
  9. Nuura Liila 12 Wall Light

    Nuura Liila 12 Wall Light

    From £3,189.00
    • +2 Colours
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