Swedese is a Swedish producer of design furniture. Founded in 1945 by the two brothers Yngve and Jerker Ekström and Sven Bertil Sjöqvist. Now as then its head quarters and factories are located in Sweden.

The range of furniture and accessories include new designers such as the Tree Coat Stand by Katrin Olina and also classics such as the 1956 Lamino Chair designed by Yngve Ekström which was voted one Sweden's most popular pieces of furniture.
The products below represent just some of the products availalble from Swedese for more information or pricing on any other products or specifications please Contact Us

All Swedese furniture is available to the contract market. Please see Trade Enquires for information and quotations for a commercial project


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  1. Lamino Easy Chair In oak and grey

    Swedese Lamino Easy Chair - Sheepskin

    From £2,044.00
    • +6 Colours
    • +7 Materials
  2. Swedese Lamino chair in black leather chair

    Swedese Lamino Easy Chair - Leather

    From £1,744.00
    • +6 Colours
    • +4 Materials
  3. Swedese Spin Bar Stool

    Swedese Spin Bar Stool

    From £457.00
    • +3 Colours
  4. Swedese Libri Shelves

    Swedese Libri Shelf

    From £481.00
    • +4 Colours
  5. Swedese Tree Coat Stand

    Swedese Tree Coat Stand

    From £678.00
    • +4 Colours
  6. Swedese Breeze Table Copper

    Swedese Breeze Coffee Table - Copper

    From £759.00
    • +2 Sizes
  7. Swedese Brasilia Table Birch on a white background

    Swedese Brasilia Table

    From £2,412.00
    • +2 Sizes
    • +4 Colours
  8. Swedese Flower Coffee Table

    Swedese Flower Mono Coffee Table

    From £764.00
    • +3 Tops
    • +4 Legs
  9. Swedese Laminett Easy Chair - Sheepskin

    Swedese Laminett Easy Chair - Sheepskin

    From £1,448.00
    • +4 Colours
    • +6 Materials
  10. Swedese Libri Desk

    Swedese Libri Desk

    From £1,072.00
    • +3 Colours
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