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Madeleine Sidemo

Madeleine Sidemo was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1960 and studied sales and marketing before realising her true passion for design. After studying in Florence, Italy and then Sweden Madeleine started a career in the fashion industry as an underwear designer and then worked in Sweden as a textile designer.

In 2009 she received an offer Eco Wallpaper which she claims is the best thing that has happened to her career.

Madeleine’s collection for Eco named Happy was created to let people express themselves with colour. Primarily the prints are inspired by the vibrant rich archives of designs at Eco, Most of these are from the Sixties and Seventies giving the collection a vintage feel. It is Madeleine’s hope that the collection will encourage people to be a little bolder than normal combine it with exciting furniture to create playful unity

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