Frequently Asked Questions


Q.How long will my order take to arrive?

On the right hand side of the page under the Delivery Information you can see lead times.

This is the amount of time you can expect the particular item to become ready for delivery.  The actual delivery time then will depend largely on the method of delivery and availability of you to receive the delivery.

Accessories, lighting and small furniture
items can be delivered using a courier service and as long as you are available to receive delivery then this could be next day.

Larger Furniture Deliveries dining tables, sideboards, large string orders etc fall into this bracket.  They need to be delivered via a specialist furniture delivery team. We will book this in once the goods have arrived to us and inform you we have done so.  They will then contact you to make arrangements for delivery.  Please note it is not always possible to specify a date, and if you are unable to receive the delivery on the scheduled it could delay delivery. 

Q.Will I be able to track my order?
Yes through our courier services. Once we dispatch your order we will send you the tracking details.

Large Furniture Deliveries are currently not trackable however you will receive updates from us and the delivery team with regard to the date and time off the delivery.

Q. I won’t be available when my order is due. Can you hold it?

Yes, please contact us and we will hold your order until you are ready to receive.  The easiest way is if we hold off dispatching your order until you instruct us to send the goods.

Q. I won’t be in, can I rearrange delivery?

Yes. With all our courier services you have option to rearrange delivery, alternatively if you are not available to take delivery they will automatically try again the next day. 

Large Furniture Deliveries we would ask that you do let the delivery team know you cannot be available.  We understand emergencies happen however please be aware that while we do not charge you for delivery but we will be charged for missed deliveries that have been pre arranged.  This could also significantly delay the re delivery of your order.

Q. Can I return my order?

Please refer to our returns policy, and please read the following. 

Over the last ten years we have noticed a significant increase in returns, as an internet retailer we understand that sometimes the images and description online cannot always make up for seeing the item in the flesh and in your own home, however please understand that furniture and lighting is not like fashion.  We will in most cases be ordering the item(s) from the supplier to fulfil your order.  It is also very costly to send them (although we do not charge you for delivery) they are considerably more fragile and difficult to repack.  If you are unsure that an item is right for you please consider the following.

  1. Dimensions - Images can be misleading, and sometimes items can be ordered in several sizes.  Check the size, you could always mock up the dimensions with a box or some news paper, the three dimensional size can feel very different to checking it with a tape measure.
  2. Order one item - If you would like three pendants or four bar stools, six dinning chairs then maybe you could order one to check it.  It will obviously increase the lead time but it will considerably less expensive to return one than a whole set and we would really appreciate it.
  3. Talk to us -  What! You cannot be serious? Talk to a person in a shop about a product that you would like to buy from them.  I know it sounds old school but it really works.  We are real people and love to helping customers make the correct decision even it means we lose a sale. (Lose a sale but gain customer) Between us we have more that 20 years experience in the furniture and interiors business we might be able to help.  You can call us on 01924 466040 or email
  4. Visit our showroom - Our showroom is based in Redbrick an old textile mill which houses over 40 other interior design brands, concessions and three cafes, its well worth a visit.  We try to display the most popular items and even if we don't have the actual item we should be able to assist you in making the correct decision. 

 Q. I haven't received my delivery yet can I cancel the order?

Yes if it has not yet been dispatched.  If you haven't received your order but it has been dispatched please refer to the returns policy.
For items which are made to order it may not be possible to cancel the order if the producer has already began production.  


Q. Do your pendants come with ceiling roses?

Yes.  Most of our lighting is Scandinavian and the celling roses are slightly different to what we might expect in the UK. In Scandinavia they will often hang a pendent in a different location to the power point.  As a result the ceiling roses don't attach to the ceiling they grip the cable to cover a hanging screw which the pendant hangs from.

Muuto E27,  Nordic Tales pendants, and Oioi Hang on Honey pendant are not supplied with ceiling roses.

Click here to view hanging instructions for typical Scandinavian Pendant 

Q. Can your wall lights be hard wired? (into the wall)

 Yes.  Many of wall lights come with wires and plugs however at the back of the light there is a junction box which can be disconnected and hard wired into the wall.  You may then need an external switch.


Q. Do you have a showroom in London?

No.  Our showroom is in West Yorkshire.  It is located in and old textile mill called Redbrick, which houses over 30 other interior and design concessions. The Telagraph described it as the best all round interior destination outside of London.  We think they are wrong, and that its better than any in London (but we would say that).  If you are currently looking for several interior pieces it’s certainly well worth a visit - even if you live in London.

Q. Do you offer an interior design service?

Yes, which is available within a 20 mile radius of our showroom.  

If you like our style and would like some assistance we can offer an interior design service.  It usually starts with a home visit where we come to your home and discuss your requirements.  If you would like to organise a home visit please email  If you live further afield we also have a close working relationship with the Interior Design Collective (IDC) and could refer you to one of their trusted members.

Q.  Does your furniture need to be home assembled?

Sometimes.  In a lot of cases our furniture is supplied assembled however some pieces do need some basic home assembly.  When this is the case we will make a note in the Technical Specifications section of the product description.  For larger pieces of furniture such as dining tables or sideboards we will send a home delivery team to assemble the furniture (unless you request us not to).  String shelving is supplied flat pack

Q. Do you install The String Shelving System?

No.  Unfortunately we cannot offer an installation service for String Shelving, however the beauty of Nisse Strinnings Shelving system is that it is very easy to assemble and install.  A relatively competent DIYer should be able to instal it.  If you are not confident however we do advise that you consult a professional decorator.

Q. Can you source products not on your site or in your store?

Yes.  On our site and in our store we select the most popular pieces however it would be impossible to display all the products we have access to.  We are often asked to supply products we don't advertise and can source items for you. Simply contact us and we will see what we can do.

Q. Do you provide fabric samples?

Yes, however we may need to charge.  We are independent and not a single producer retailer or franchise, we have to pay for samples and obviously sending them out costs time and money.  We can supply samples however we do ask that you cover the costs, if you place an order we will be happy to remove the initial sample cost from the final bill.  Of course we have a large selection of samples at our showroom freely available for you to view.

Q.Do you supply and offer trade discounts

Yes.  If you are a professional interior designer, architect or installation contractor please contact our dedicated contracts team at