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Go Green-Nature Inspired

Over the years green has been on trend in various shades, particularly lime green however as with other on trend colours (see It's All About Colour) the current shades are a lot more subtle. We know that green is not for everybody but we love it and this collection is not just about the colour green but more about creating calming interiors with nature as their inspiration.

This collection was partly inspired by a lecture we attended in May by designer David Oakey who is a big advocate for bio mimicry (designs inspired by nature) and in particular a design called Entropy where each module or unit is unique or random. Oakey believes that if we surround ourselves with design inspired by nature it helps our sense of well being. Tests have shown that even using images and products that mimic nature can trick the brain into reacting as it does when in nature.

Starting with the back drop; we have totally fallen for Ulrica Hurtigs Dimensions Wallpaper for Eco, Designed to create calming meditative homes the collection features geometric interpretations of nature and a series of photo art prints of the Scandinavian landscapes. Combine this with wooden or white furniture such as the Bruunmunch Play Tables which are made from solid Oak and finished in a close to the wood oil meaning you can still feel the texture of the material. To accessories the Kahler Botanica Mini Vase 5 Pack are coloured with natural earth tones, and if you want to go fully Nordic hunting lodge of course look no further than the now infamous Moo Wall Light from Northern Lighting.

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  1. Muuto Visu Chair Wooden Base

    Muuto Visu Chair Wooden Base

    From £242.10 Regular Price £269.00
    • +10 Colours
  2. STUA Lau Round Table

    STUA Lau Round Table

    From £842.00
    • +7 Colours
    • +4 Sizes
  3. Northern Moo Wall Light

    Northern Moo Wall Light

    Special Price £1,235.90 Regular Price £1,454.00
  4. STUA Laclasica Chair

    STUA Laclasica Chair

    From £354.00
    • +7 Colours
  5. Northern Acorn Pendant Light

    Northern Acorn Pendant Light

    From £368.90 Regular Price £434.00
    • +3 Colours
  6. Nordic Tales Bright Modeco Pendant

    Nordic Tales Bright Modeco Pendant

    From £120.00
    • +1 Colour
  7. STUA Laclasica Arm Chair

    STUA Laclasica Arm Chair

    From £465.00
    • +7 Colours
  8. Nordic Tales Bright Spot Pendant

    Nordic Tales Bright Spot Pendant

    From £110.00
    • +2 Colours
  9. Nordic tales bright sprout pendant crema and oak

    Nordic Tales Bright Sprout Pendant

    From £65.00
    • +7 Colours
    • +3 Materials
  10. Architect Made Owl Small

    Architect Made Owl Small

    • +2 Colours
  11. Architect Made Owl

    Architect Made Owl

    From £69.00
    • +2 Colours

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