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String ®

String ® shelving was originally designed in 1949 by Nisse Strinning and has since become a Swedish classic. The system is stylish and minimalist; consisting of two basic components: shelves and side panels. Depending on your needs, furniture including drawers, cabinets and tables can be added as required. Esteemed designers such as Björn Dahlström have recently collaborated on the collection, adding new products known as String+ which means that it is as relevant today as it was when it was launched. 

Ordering String
You can select the components required and add them to your bag without ever having to leave this page. Click ADD TO BAG and an option box will open allowing you to select the component quantity and colour. You can also click each image to see more information.

You can also use the String Builder (opens new window)

Standard lead times for String is 5-7 weeks.  Larger systems will be delivered via delivery partners who will contact you to make arrangements prior to delivery.  If you have any enquiries or would like to check the lead time for a particular order please contact us.

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  1. String works fabric screen

    String Works Fabric Screen

    Special Price £190.40 Regular Price £224.00
  2. String Works Fabric Desk Screen Sleeve

    String Works Fabric Desk Screen Sleeve

    Special Price £49.30 Regular Price £58.00
  3. string works wire desk screen

    String Works Wire Desk Screen

    Special Price £51.00 Regular Price £60.00
  4. String Bowl Shelf

    String Bowl Shelf

    Special Price £95.20 Regular Price £112.00
  5. String Works Felt Bowl Shelf

    String Works Felt Bowl Shelf

    From £125.80 Regular Price £148.00
    • +3 Colours
  6. String works bowl

    String Works Bowl

    Special Price £80.75 Regular Price £95.00
  7. String + hooks for metal shelves 5pk

    String + Hooks 5pk

    From £18.70 Regular Price £22.00
    • +5 Colours
  8. String + Magazine Holder

    String + Magazine Holder

    From £33.15 Regular Price £39.00
    • +3 Colours
  9. String+ Coat Hanger 4pk

    String+ Coat Hanger 4pk

    From £27.20 Regular Price £32.00
    • +4 Colours
  10. String + Rod various sizes

    String + Rod

    From £33.15 Regular Price £39.00
    • +4 Colours
    • +3 Sizes
  11. String + S Hooks 5pk

    String + S Hooks 5pk

    Special Price £14.45 Regular Price £17.00
  12. String + Hanger Racks

    String + Hanger Racks

    From £41.65 Regular Price £49.00
    • +4 Colours
  13. String + Bottle Tray

    String + Bottle Tray

    From £25.50 Regular Price £34.00
    • +1 Color
  14. String + Organisers 3 Pack

    String + Organisers 3 Pack

    From £33.15 Regular Price £39.00
    • +4 Colours
  15. String shelving foot extenders

    String Shelving Floor Panels Extenders 2PK

    From £8.50 Regular Price £10.00
    • +2 Colours

Items 49-63 of 63

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