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String +

String + is a range of newly designed accessories to make the original 1949 String Shelving System even more versatile. The hooks and hanging rods can be used with metal shelves to create your perfect hall or kitchen shelving system. Each component is available in black, grey or white. 

To see more images and details please click on the item below. You can ADD TO BAG from this page or view the whole String furniture collection here.
At Funktion Alley we have been supplying String Shelving for over 10 years, for assistance with any of the items below or with designing your Shelving System please contact us and we would be more than happy to help.

Standard lead times for String is 5-7 weeks.  Larger systems will be delivered via delivery partners who will contact you to make arrangements prior to delivery.  If you have any enquiries or would like to check the lead time for a particular order please contact us. 


12 Items

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  1. String + Cork Divider 4pk

    String + Cork Divider 4pk

  2. String shelving foot extenders

    String Shelving Floor Panels Extenders 2PK

    From £10.00
    • +2 Colours
  3. String + hooks for metal shelves 5pk

    String + Hooks 5pk

    From £22.00
    • +5 Colours
  4. String+ Coat Hanger 4pk

    String+ Coat Hanger 4pk

    From £32.00
    • +4 Colours
  5. String + Hanger Racks

    String + Hanger Racks

    From £49.00
    • +4 Colours
  6. String + S Hooks 5pk

    String + S Hooks 5pk

  7. String + Bottle Tray

    String + Bottle Tray

    From £25.50 Regular Price £34.00
    • +1 Color
  8. String + Magazine Holder

    String + Magazine Holder

    From £39.00
    • +3 Colours
  9. String + Rod various sizes

    String + Rod

    From £39.00
    • +4 Colours
    • +3 Sizes
  10. String + Organisers 3 Pack

    String + Organisers 3 Pack

    From £39.00
    • +4 Colours

12 Items

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